Purpose of 2liftuup

Back in 2010 – while working at a bustling orthopedic office, I realized that the many people I met had a negative outlook and were very discouraged, granted they were coming into the medical office with painful issues. However, still, the oppression grieved my heart.

My goal was to connect with each person individually and share encouraging words to make them smile and perhaps take some of the heaviness off their shoulders by looking “up” instead of the hardship they were experiencing.

Contemplating this need for encouragement in the world around me, I looked for ways to be a sweet sound, a bright light, and maybe even salt in a tasteless world. I asked a friend to help me set up a website to write about the things that stir in my heart. To give people a way to connect with me once they finished their medical treatment at the clinic I worked.

2liftuup became to be– though back in 2010, I didn’t realize that I didn’t need to register a website to ‘blog’ I have kept the name. Thinking one day, it would transform into something more.

Then back in 2018, I switched to a different WebHost and lost a lot of the content that I had written over the years. Luckily I saved every blog post and re-post some of those pieces that I had written in the past. But honestly, I haven’t been writing the things that stir in my heart here lately.

I am a different person – though I still want to encourage every person I meet, my faith has grown, and understanding my identity has grown too. I was concerned that the name of my website wouldn’t fit this new goal that I have stirring in my heart, but my husband quickly showed me that it does.

On my website, you will read about:

  • How valued we are and created with a purpose.
  • The authority re-commissioned to us through the work of the Cross.
  • The Power of the Blood of Jesus.
  • The importance of growing our relationship with the Trinity.
  • Equipping readers with weapons by sharing lessons that I have learned in battle.
  • Understanding spiritual authority for today.
  • Intercession and prayer.
  • Other things that Holy Spirit stirs in my heart.

As this community grows, I would like to gather together, virtually or in person, one day. Then we can encourage one another to continue taking back what has been stolen and cultivating the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

My goal:

2Lift you up with words of life.

2Lift you up to see your value and who you are in Christ.

2Lift your viewpoint up to see things from Heaven’s perspective.

Finally, 2Lift you in prayer when you feel the battle is heavy.


2lift the army of God up to take dominion as was instructed in our original mandate.

About my book: Pregnancy Centers; Why I Serve

My heart had long been inspired to share my journey of coming to understand my own value. However, each time I tried to write the story, I became overwhelmed with too many details. It wasn’t until I had moved and left my position at a pregnancy center that this project came to be.

Surprised by the misconceptions I encountered about the pregnancy centers, I decided to organize part 1 of this book to correspond with the questions and comments I have received from different individuals. Around this framework, I’ve woven my personal story as a young mother-to-be, as well as an explanation of the ministry that I have grown to love. In part 2, I’ve shared my current journey as a birth mom—during and after a reunion many years in the making.

My utmost desire would be that my efforts would be used to bring understanding about these types of nonprofit organizations. Perhaps reading my story will inspire you, the reader, to get involved. Or perhaps Pregnancy Centers will even give someone the courage to step through the doors of a center near him or her. Even still, my story as a birth mom might resonate with your past, and the questions my heart ached to ask is an echo of your own.