I have been told that I am an encourager. I love to share the wonderful inspiration that I get when I read my Bible or have quiet time. This place is where I share those things. In many ways, 2liftuup is a window into my life. You will read about how my relationship with Jesus took me from self-hate and negativity to a woman filled with hope. My greatest desire would be that you would be inspired to take a journey of your own as you read about my expedition. {Expeditions}

I will write about the treasures I uncover in my readings, hoping that my readers would feel comfortable to respond with insights of their own. Together, we can have an even richer experience as we find those precious jewels. {Treasures}

Also, I will be writing about how God has been faithful to my family and me with many answered prayers. Some answers didn’t look as I imagined, and some answers were far above what I had asked. {Declaring HIS Faithfulness}

Believing and seeing the power of prayer in my life, I will be sharing those things that seem to catch my heart to intercede in prayer, not only for my family but for my community, as I train for a half marathon. {Intercessor/Runner}

Then there will be those random things that I will write about that I won’t categorize. Those writings will be {My Thoughts}.

Please explore this site, give me some feedback, or email me prayer requests [I take each one to the Throne]. If you have a favorite book, email me the title and why you like it. Perhaps it will be added to my library of books, or drop a line to say ‘hi.’ go to my ‘contact page’ and reach out to me; I generally respond within 24-48 hours of receiving an email.

I would hope that you, my readers, would leave with a smile in your heart, your eyes looking to heaven, and you would know [beyond a doubt] that you’re unconditionally loved.

I eagerly wait to hear from you.

Much love gg~

About my book: Pregnancy Centers; Why I Serve

My heart had long been inspired to share my journey of coming to understand my own value. However, each time I tried to write the story, I became overwhelmed with too many details. It wasn’t until I had moved and left my position at a pregnancy center that this project came to be.

Surprised by the misconceptions I encountered about the pregnancy centers, I decided to organize part 1 of this book to correspond with the questions and comments I have received from different individuals. Around this framework, I’ve woven my personal story as a young mother-to-be, as well as an explanation of the ministry that I have grown to love. In part 2, I’ve shared my current journey as a birth mom—during and after a reunion many years in the making.

My utmost desire would be that my efforts would be used to bring understanding about these types of nonprofit organizations. Perhaps reading my story will inspire you, the reader, to get involved. Or perhaps Pregnancy Centers will even give someone the courage to step through the doors of a center near him or her. Even still, my story as a birth mom might resonate with your past, and the questions my heart ached to ask is an echo of your own.