I can only imagine that in the Garden of Eden, before sin, that all creation lived in harmony. Really now, think about this, can you imagine Adam running from a roaring lion screaming for help? No, because there was harmony.

This was my thought yesterday morning as I went for my run. I found myself running right toward a squirrel, and that isn’t so uncommon, however what the squirrel did was. This little guy was running towards me, and as the yards between us started to close in I thought surely this squirrel will run ‘from’ me, but he didn’t. In fact this cute little fury friend literally stopped about a foot in-front of me, moved to the side and sat till I passed him. This may not be so uncommon for other people (like my daughter in law) but it is for me.

As I continued on my run I asked God what he wanted to me to know about that odd experience and this is what I believe He wanted me to know; Georgia, all creation has be created by me and at times you are limited by your perceived fear.

Recalling the slight fear I had as this little squirrel started to get closer to me that he was going to bite me, I had to laugh and say; you’re right Lord.

Though as I thought this over more in my mind and I was reminded of when I was overwhelmed with fear when a ‘person’ stood in front of me. It was a few years back when I was working at an orthopedic office, when an unusual young man stood in front of me. He had demonic images tattooed over his body and harsh words tattooed on his hands for others to read, he also piercings that I have no clue how was done (long studs like horns implanted on his upper forehead) to give a very frightening appearance. In those moments of interacting with him I could feel a heaviness press against me, which created more fear. I was totally aware of where this person was in the office, to the point that I looked up at the glass door seconds before he walked by. That is when I recalled this scripture; the One who is in you is greater than the one in the world (1 John 4:4), and this gave me comfort.

The next time this young man came in the office I was determined not to allow my fear to treat him any differently than I would any other patient that walked into the office. In fact as I treated him as a person, one who God has created, I could sense his protective walls come down. Over the weeks of his care, we had talked about his family and he even showed me pictures of his beautiful children, it was truly a good experience.

What would have happened if I allowed my ‘perceived fear’ limit my ability to love this person as Christ loves?

I guess I say all of this as a reminder to me (and to you) that we must not allow our fear to limit us to respond with love to others. We do not know the tormenting spirit that makes people be puppets in the hands of the puppeteer (Satan). When we read about the life of Jesus we know that He always responded to the ‘person’ in love and reacted to the ‘spirit’ with authority.

Bottom line: Love as we have been loved.


Even before moving back here to Michigan I have been asking the Lord for more laughter in my life. I am not saying that I am a sad person. I just sometimes lose the ability to enjoy life: more focused on doing than being. Does that make sense?

I’ve gotten several words that ‘adventures, laughter, and joy’ are ahead for me. I have no doubt that God will bring these things into my life; however this past week I realized how the thief has stolen my laughter in the past, among other things. (John 10:10)

Recently my youngest child had gotten married, and my husband and I have been pray circling around the weekend for months. We prayed that heaven would come down and invade earth, for God to be a part of this union of love and that it would be a joyful celebration. I believe our prayers were answered, the weather was beautiful, family members put their differences aside (for the most part) and I felt the presence of heaven all around.

Even though I experienced many emotions over that 48 hour period, I think it was the first time in a long time I felt comfortable being ‘me’. I wasn’t thinking about what other people thought of me like I’ve done in the past. Not worrying about silly things (what might my face look like when I cry- my crooked smile etc.) I able allowed myself to be a little goofy. Yes, I even got on the dance floor with my children and laughed at myself.

It was all beautiful; I so enjoyed my family and friends. Yet, when the pictures / videos started to post on facebook, and instagram I started to think; ‘oh my goodness, I look like that?! What was I thinking?! What did the guest think?!’ Or worse: ‘what did my daughter – in – law’s family think?!’ As these questions started to roll into my thoughts I could feel myself start to feel inferior, ugly, and even foolish. I even started to feel shame that I wasn’t being very ‘godly’.


After I stopped allowing these thoughts (negative self-talk) to take over in my mind, I realized where this was all coming from- it was coming from the enemy of my soul. This is how he has stolen my joy and laughter in the past, however NOT THIS TIME! I refuse to allow the enemy to engrave this ugly picture in my memory of that weekend. NOPE! It is, and always will be, a beautiful, laughter filled memory in my heart for all eternity.

Now wise to his schemes I only have a great anticipation for more laughter filled days head.