We are “World Changers”

Christ(ian)s cannot afford to believe that we aren’t world changers. Yes, world changers! Not by huge discoveries in science that changes lives (though this is true). But by shifting the direction of our world by just knowing we carry HIS power to transformation situations.

How might we do this you ask? Well, by looking to see, and hearing to understand; perspective. For instance, when you hear a siren in the distance or even see some sort of emergence vehicle what do you notice? What is your reaction? Most times (not all times) I will stop and pray for whatever is going on. It isn’t any of my concern to figure out what is going on, because God knows. I just quickly pray that the heavens become unlocked over the individuals and the situation that is happening that moment.

Seeing everything around us through this different standpoint we have opportunities to be ‘world changers’ all the time. How amazing is that?! Please think about this for just a moment. If when we pray we unlock heaven, asking God to intervene in different situation, things have got to have a different outcome.

What an incredible privilege we have! We can walk our lives out in a God ordained confidence that Christ in us and the “helper” (the Holy Spirit) enables us to shift outcomes.

I truly believe this thought is vital to our lives today. Seriously we have become too relaxed in how we look at the world around us. We have this, ‘oh well that’s just the way it is’ outlook. NO its not, it is just the way we have “allowed” the world to be around us.
Scripture says that we can trust that he hears our prayers.

1 John 5:14 ESV and this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.

Proverbs 15:29 says that he hears the prayers of the righteous, and we are made righteous because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Though, please understand my heart of where I stand. We are to pray blessings not curses, love and not hate, over those things we are aware of. Remember God cannot come in agreement with something that goes against His word. Also, God knows the motives of our hearts (He knows us better than we know ourselves) so you might better check what your motives are.

The enemy would nothing less than for us to see this as concept ridiculous and absurd. But too many things have happened in my life to think differently about this. By me humbling myself to ask God and all of heaven to come and transform the outcome of circumstances I have been in, I have seen the impossible become the possible.

So! My prayer is that you would be able to ‘see’ the next time the Lord shows you something, and that you take the opportunity to be a ‘World Changer.’

Our words recorded

Malachi 3:16 Amplified Bible
Then those who feared the Lord talked often one to another; and the Lord listened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared the Lord and who thought on His name.

This verse reminds me of a dream that I once had. I was talking to a group of people and I saw my words flow up to the heavens. In the heavens I saw a huge library lined with more books than I could even begin to count. These books were all shining almost glowing. Then I saw a book suspended in the air, and it was opened to a page that was being filled with a gold script. As I followed this gold ribbon with my eyes to find its source, I realized it was my very own spoken words. I was talking of God’s grace on my life and how He has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

SO, just think God is recording our spoken testimonies. I would hope and pray that we all have many books in HIS majestic library.

Cleaning out the junk drawer

We all have ‘junk drawers’ in our homes, mine is in the kitchen. The other day I was digging in the drawer looking for tape. However, it took me a while to find it because I had to dig through too much stuff. I thought to myself; ‘How in the world did all this stuff find its way back into this drawer?’ You see, I had just cleaned that drawer out about 6 months ago. I found all kinds of crazy things. Tools that belong in the garage toolbox. Different colored ribbon of all lengths pretty much tangled together into one knot. Keys of all sized that unlocks who knows what. Little army men and random small toys, mind you my children are young adults.  Batteries that probably have been discarded because they had were no longer usable but we didn’t know how to ‘properly’ dispose of them. There were hook, nails, screws, tacks and other dangerous things that can bite your hand as you dig through the dreaded drawer.

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Three Unselfish Minutes

I’ve said it before (many times) that God places people in our paths for a reason. I have to look at people that way, especially with the position that I have as front desk receptionist.  The majority of those individuals who cross my path daily are in pain. And if I don’t remind myself that these people have been directed my Papa God to cross my path, I can get in a “rut.” Just going through life as a routine, going through the motions without thought. And when I do get the attitude of; “this is just the same day over and over again.” I am not very friendly, and sometimes I don’t even really look at the person that I am talking to.

But last Friday I was reminded that I need to make each person that I come in contact with feel valued, even if it is for just a few moments.

As I was rushing around to get things done that I usually have 8 hours to complete a very tired looking man walking with a limp and a cane in his hand made his way to me. He gave me his usual smile and stated the doctor he was scheduled to see. In the past, I would usually make small talk with him but that day I was in a hurry, the office was to close early because of Good Friday and I still had lots to do.

As I rushed through the usual questions I didn’t glance up him, only looking straight ahead at my computer screen. I printed off his “Care Slip” and finally looked up as I asked him to sign his name. I then noticed that the smile that was on his face was no longer there. I thought to myself, did I make this man feel “not valued” or even as a “inconvenience”? In that moment I heard God say… “Slow down!”

I took back the care slip once he signed it and look directly in his eyes and asked him how he and his father was doing. In the past he had shared how he cared for his ailing father and the health struggles of his own. He told about me how he had met a very nice Coke Cola delivery man at the store last week and how he helped him get into his car after he had locked his keys inside. That his father health was the same and how much pain he himself has felt the past few days.

As I listened to him share a little of his life the smile returned to his face. I asked him if he had plans for Easter Sunday and he went on to tell me the celebration that he had planned with his family. Once we were done (maybe three minutes later) I told him that I would put him and his father on my prayer list. The man went on to say with tear in his eye, “isn’t that amazing how GOD places people in your path just at the right time when you need it, thank you for your prayers.”

To tell the truth I felt ashamed of myself, because before I asked him how he was doing I asked myself a selfish question; ‘do I really want to go there with him?’ was rolling around in my thoughts. I was in a hurry and really didn’t want to make the time. But it only took maybe 3 minutes longer to “check him in”. He left my desk with a smile and a warm feeling in his heart that God had placed me in his path at just the right moment to encouragement him. And in a small why he felt comfort to know that someone was actually going to pray for him.

What if I didn’t take those three extra minutes? What if I just kept looking at my computer and not asked him how he was doing? God knew what this man needed, I didn’t. And just think I almost was to self centered to let God use me for a brief moment in this mans life. What would this world look like if we all took 2-3 minutes to extend a kind smile, a word of encouragement or even just our ears ( for listening)? What if that person at the store, doctor’s office, work, gym, bus stop, school … has no one to value them? What if you are the only one in their lives gives them the time to share what is on their mind, or what is heavy on their heart?