Praying Bold and Specific

I try to figure out how God wants to use me in every situation. Though, I have come to realize that I don’t have to stress about it so much. I just need to ‘be’ as I have been trained by Papa God.

I try to practice (most times) that when the Lord drops a word in my heart, I must pause in my day and pray the way HE is leading me.

I have also felt in my heart that I ‘need’ to help with the household finances. So, I have been applying for many positions in the area. At first cautiously, but as anxiety grew inside of me I started applying for ‘everything’. Which lead to me accepting a full-time position at my previous employer.

Though my heart was heavy because I wanted to get involved in several ministries in the area , and I knew with the full-time job that I had verbally accepted, I would not be able to.

Even though I had a full-time job offer, I decided not to cancel an interview that was previously scheduled on July 5th at a staffing agency.

Side note: I had gotten the written offer from the employer in the mail, which I had signed and placed in my mailbox to mail back to them on Wednesday July 5th. But before the mail was to be picked up something inside me said; ‘don’t mail it out just yet, hang onto it, and drop it off at the office later.’ I really love how the Lord leads us.

Earlier on that day  (7/5) I had a meeting with a Chaplin at a county office here in Elkhart. As he explained the different scenario’s and needs, my heart was stirring and aching at the same time. Stirring because I felt that I could be a support in some way (even if its intercession). Aching because I knew it would be difficult with the 10 hours a day my new position would have me occupied.

On my way to my interview at the staffing agency I had a talk with God and just got honest with Him: “Papa,” I said “I don’t want to work full time. I am going to pray very specific Lord, just like Gideon, and I am placing the bar real high. I want a part time job that offers me “X” amount of dollars an hour (which if far above what is normally offered in this area) and that’s within a 10-mile radius from my home. If Personnel Staffing does not have anything that meets that criteria I know this is your will, and go through with the plans with this full-time job.”

During the interview, I was asked; “What specifically are you looking for?” I confessed that I did have a full-time job offer, but because I wanted to pursue some heart desires I wanted part time. That is when the interviewer told me; “We don’t normally have employers looking to fill part-time positions and you should probably follow through with the offer you have. If something part-time crosses our desk, we will contact you. If we find a good match, you can just quit your full-time job.”

I was slightly disappointed but I knew what I prayed and felt secure that this is what the Lord had for me. Then all, of the sudden the interviewer looked at her computer screen and said; “Oh my goodness, this just came up 4 hours ago… It’s a part-time position (8am-1pm), and its located (she typed in my address) 9.5 miles from your home, and they’re offering (a dollar more than what I asked) an hour!”

Needless to say… I went for the interview and they offered me the job, and I started last Monday (7/10).

Note; After the interview, I did personally talked with HR of the employer that had first offered me a (full-time) job and explained what I had decide to do. I then sincerely thanked them for the offer but I had to follow my heart.
This part blows me away:
They said: “Georgia, if this part time position does not work out for you, please reach back out to us, we loved to have you.”

I am so humbled by how much they valued me as an employee.

SO, WOW!! Is that a PRAISE REPORT!! OH… MY… GOODNESS! I am just amazed!
Thank you, Jesus, for being so good to me!

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