Flexible but on schedule

I am amazed in all the things that our Lord God has for us! Truly I feel as if I am just scratching the surface, realizing how wonderfully HE has abundantly supplied for us.
I possess this compelling desire, to carry out those things that God has designed me for to do, so I have been trying to manage my time better.

   If time was no issue I would eagerly go on an all-day treasure hunt (bible, strong concordance, and my computer) with my Papa, but nothing would get done.

In my younger years, I use to make unrealistic lists putting down (at least) 15-20 different projects. As you can imagine I could not get all those things done. Life happens, right? Right. Often my days would end in frustration, and the sense of failure would beat down my spirit.

So, when I decided to start making myself a schedule each day, being more aware of time and management it better. I was a bit afraid I would become “Martha” again. Fretting about what needed to get done rather than spend some time at my Father’s feet (devotional/quiet time). However, I know I need to keep on task to move forward in those ordained things the GOD has created me for (Ephesians 2:10) I must be careful to redeem the time God has given me properly.

With that being said: How does one map their day out to the point of scheduling time to walk the dogs without becoming obsessed with the CLOCK? Easy! Stay flexible.

Oh my gosh, I must chuckle when I type these words out. FLEXIBLE?! I only assume God is teaching me something here; stay on task however be flexible Georgia.

This morning I had settled at the kitchen table with my index card to ‘map’ out my day. I got in right away with my devotional time keeping in mind that this is God’s time and not become systematic about my reading. I have learned that when Papa drops something in my spirit I shouldn’t brush it off to ‘stay on task’ and that HE is wanting to share something with me. I live for those moments; it is so exciting and fulfilling to have a relationship with God.

My timer goes off and I get around for my run (which I only allowed 30 mins). However, as I started off on my run, I felt that the Lord wanted me to take a different route. Never being in the neighborhood I was entering there were some concerns about unruly dogs. I told myself to be flexible and keep the pace moving forward. I knew there was a reason that I was instructed to take this new path so I was (looking to see and listening to hear).

As I came to the end of the street I saw a gentleman (Moe) outside enjoying the morning sun on his face. Of course, I stopped to say hello and he was eager to talk with me. All the while in the back of my mind I knew my timer strapped to my arm was ticking away. Yet, I wasn’t going to be rude to the gentleman . Moe shared with me that he had surgery on his knee over 20 years ago and has not been able to move it. He went on to share with me that he is was a very active man, and now cannot even play with his five grandchildren.

Right away I knew why I was instructed to take this new route. I was to pray for him. I know the Lord is developing me because HE has been giving me words to share with individuals before we pray to build understanding and faith (belief). I spent 10 full minutes with man. As we were bidding farewell to each other Moe became emotional and told me that he truly believed that God instructed me to meet him today to encourage him.

As I headed back out on my run I knew my schedule was already disarrayed, but I wasn’t getting stressed. I felt energized and excited for Moe, because I know that GOD will use those moments to do something amazing for him.

Even upon arriving back home I knew I need to write this experience down to hopefully encourage others. With this example, it shows that we can be a tasked oriented people yet be flexible to allow GOD to use us.

Remember; stay flexibly on task. Have a wonderful day everyone!

NOTE: the time I allowed for writing got moved a little earlier in my day, it’s okay. I will still get my things done because I truly believe God redeems time we devote to Him.

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