Bread Crumbs

In a few short months, I will be moving yet again. Realizing my time is short in my community that I now reside, I have seriously started to take inventory of the things that stir passion in me. Looking at this list, I ask God if this is really something that HE has placed on my heart to do.

Honestly this is overwhelming to me, yet on the other hand it is moving me to action.  My normal process in anything I feel inspired to do is to analyze my abilities. Questions like; ‘What would it take? How would I go about doing it?  Would people understand what I am wanting to do?’ will run through my head. Often, unfortunately too much time is wasted as I evaluate my skills (or lack of) that truthfully the fire dies. I eventually tell myself; ‘Yeah, someone should do that.’  In this thinking I assume that it was just a weird “Georgia” idea, and that it couldn’t possibly make a difference.

God has a way of leading each of us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. I sometimes have to laugh because once I realize those things I have stopped to take note are actually ‘bread crumbs’ (so to speak) that often, lead me to action. Today is one of those days I noticed another ‘bread crumb.’

So many times when I take a moment to read Neil’s daily prophetic word it moves me to act. It’s just like when a person goes to church and feel that the pastor’s message is speaking directly to them. Each person gleans something different but it is all good because it is moving people to seek GOD.

I found courage in the words laid out today: ‘For I have designed all these things to synchronize together, and have done so with great precision and detail….Trust in my leadership, particularly when you feel unqualified.’

I am so inspired to ‘act’ today by what Neil wrote, and I wanted share this wonderful resource with you. I truly believe God lays words on Neil’s heart to share with all of us. God is wanting to move and touch the lives of so many. The beautiful thing about GOD is that HE is wanting to do through you and I. Sure, HE can do it on HIS own, but God wants us to be a part of the process because HE knows that it will give us fulfillment in our hearts.

I hope that you take a moment to read God’s heart in these daily posts (link provided below) and perhaps support Neil as he is walking out God’s plan for his life. Ultimately my prayer is that you will find the encouragement to move you forward in those things God has placed on your heart to do.

Love and Hugs~


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