Breathe in HIS peace

I have been pushing myself (yet again) to meet the expectations of those around me. Or maybe it’s me pushing myself by the expectations ‘I think’ those around me have (probably a little of both). I hate that I am feeling like I am not measuring up, not making the grade, or however you want to say it.

Last night as I was trying to finish what I was working on and I felt a tap on the shoulder and a whisper in my ear; “Georgia you know who you are, you need to stop doing this to yourself. You need to stop operating in fear of failure. You are mine and I have called you for great things. Remember those things I’ve placed in your heart, they are specific for you. I love you. Now breathe in me, my peace and now who you are.”

I share this because I know there are many people that push themselves to the point of misery. You might even find yourself holding your breath as you a pushing to ‘measure up.’  I want to encourage you to stop, quiet yourself (your thoughts) and allow God to speak to your heart. Take in some deep breathes and imagine you’re breathing in the peace of heaven.

I am so thankful that my Lord is not a silent God and He speaks to me.

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