Poem: Hidden

I am reminded of this poem I had written back in 2014 – It was during a time I wanted to know more of the things of Heaven. I felt uncomfortable with the unknown. I felt hidden and like I might be missing out on ‘life.’ Maybe even forgotten.

But! When I became comfortable with the silence, I began to hear. I felt like I was hidden from the world, but was not hidden from Papa God: He had me tucked under HIS loving arms.

I had Protection – Trust – Assurance – Peace and even Joy to be myself in HIS presence. I could see myself as a little girl, not powerless in my circumstances but protected by my Papa.

Lately thoughts of being forgotten has been crossing my mind. But when it does, I can go back to this place in my heart and know that HE is growing me. I can find my peace because it was a real experience for me.

My prayer for you is that if you are feeling like you’re in a dark place, or feel as if you are not being ‘seen,’ trust that the LORD is growing you. THEN Suddenly you are exposed! Out of the ground something beautiful grows.


In the dark unable to move,
Opportunity draws near.
Grabbing ahold, I cannot do,
missing something is what I fear.

My flesh is screaming; apply,
leave this cold place.
But my spirit is saying; abide,
continue to seek HIS face.

My emotions I cannot trust,
for I feel that I am alone.
Reading His word is a must,
understanding HIM on the throne.

Though, as my spirit begins to sing,
the warmth grows inside.
I’m in this place assigned by the King,
the blood has been applied.

This place is where I am to grow,
keys HE will give to open the door.
From heaven anointing will flow,
blessing me with my desire for more.

Seed germinates under the ground,
nothing can be seen.
Developing though there is no sound,
suddenly there is green.

As the SON shines on me,
my spirit I want to align.
His purpose is what I see,
my flesh HE will refine.

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