From my heart

Here I am again at the end of the year, perusing over the past 12 months of journal entries.  Surveying the goals that I had set for myself and thinking about the things I want to achieve in 2017.

To be completely honest with you; I have fallen short of the three big goals that I had set for myself. In my disappointment, I couldn’t help to feel the sting in my heart. Talking to myself I verbalized; “Well Lord, I had good intentions.”  Then sitting at the kitchen table, quietly crying, I asked myself; “What is the point to write out my goals if I am not able to attain them?”

All of the sudden I was interrupted in my own thoughts and Papa God dropped this in my heart: ‘Georgia your good intentions are not like my intentions. You equate the unfulfilled promises you set for yourself as the same way I do things. It is not. I am a promise keeper. Remember the things I have shown you. Remember the words I have given you. The purposes I designed you for has been set since before you were born. The call on your life is irrevocable. So again, do not compare my ways to your ways.’

I thought over these words and realized, hidden deep in my heart I was believing a lie about what my destiny looks like. I have been looking at my future as if it was something that I dreamed up, and it was totally up to me to achieve this huge vision I have. Feeling overwhelmed by this grand destiny I see, I try to attempt this or that, which never seem to amount to much (by my standards). But this isn’t true at all!  Everything that has happened this past year has been growing me.

Yes, there are projects that are sitting on the back burner but they are not lost. They may not be completed but they are started, and one is close to completion.  Am I where I want to be? No. Not at all, but I am still moving forward. Am I able to minister to people that I have met? Yes. I sincerely love those that I have met, making room in my heart and being genuine in the way I try to help them. Among this list of achievements, I also intercede for the things in my community. Praying the Lord’s prayer; His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I may not have been able to “check off” those things I listed January 1, 2016, I can take inventory of the things I have gained; new friends, more understanding, and even acquired unique experiences to help me navigate through life.

I read a good article by Graham Cooke: Look back to accelerate forward that listed six questions that helped me evaluate 2016 and to map out 2017.  I found it to shed light as I looked back the past 365 days. It is a short read and I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

So, my dear friends I pray that you may you experience God’s love in a new, personal way.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and continue stepping into your destiny!

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