His kiss on me

This morning was a little cool out, so I put a few more layers on than I had in the past week. With my running app on, I walked out the back door, and to my surprise, the traffic was slow, so I was able to start my cadence right out the driveway. As I wound around the first curve I noted my breathing was a bit labored however I was able to get it under control as I thought about taking in longer breaths.

Once I got settled in with a nice little rhythm, I focused my thoughts on what was going on in heaven in that very moment. Instantly I could sense an excitement stirring and great anticipation. Lots of joy, as we know there is joy in heaven, but it was ramped up a notch! YES! Something big is stirring!

I then focused on who I am, who God created me to be. Not stressing as if there were some sort of requirements for me to be ‘me.’ Just fixing my thoughts to what God’s heart is towards me. This helped me not think of my performance, whether or not I am making the grade [so to speak]. I let go of it all, I let go of the reins that seem to bridle me and lead me to discontentment.  Ah-ha, then suddenly, there it was, my peace.

A mile and a half into my route, I found that I was getting warm, so I pushed up my jacket sleeves and my birth mark on my arm caught my eye. Instantly I thought of what has been said over the years about my obvious and unique mark. Some of the comments have been ugly and some very sweet, but as I pondered that I have had this since birth, a thought was dropped in my heart; this is a kiss that the Lord God gave me as I was being birthed.

That was followed by words that Papa God said to me as I was preparing to meet the world: “Go my daughter, be strong and courageous [Deuteronomy 31:6]. Know that I have created you for a great purpose [Ephesians 2:10]. I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you [Jeremiah 29:11]. Keep your chin lifted up, my daughter, keep your eyes on heaven where I reside [Colossians 3:2, Psalm 11:4]. I am making a way for you [Isaiah 43:16-19]. I go before you and you walk in my favor [Deuteronomy 31:8, Psalm 5:12]. Know that I am your rear guard and there is protection all around you. So, Go MY Daughter, be strong and forget not my heart, my love is for you [Psalm 36:5-6].

Instantly of hearing those words in my heart, I slowed my running pace and allowed those words to just soak in my soul. Can I live here?  Right here in this moment? I feel empowered and that I can conquer all things. How do I hold onto this love experience? How do I live in this moment an hour from now, or when I am at work and the demands of life weigh on me?

Easy! Pause and reflect, remember everything about the experience. Know that these words are truth, and it is what the Lord God feels towards me.  I know that HE goes before me in everything that I do.

I truly believe this was a unique encounter of God’s love towards me. Yet, I know words similar to mine was/is spoken over you as well, how do I know this? Because scripture says that God doesn’t show favoritism [Acts 10:34].

Be blessed.

Love, gg~

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