I am unique

Isaiah 64:8 (AMP)

Yet, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our Potter, and we all are the work of Your hand.

Have you ever worked with clay? Remember back in art class how we would get a brick of clay to create whatever we pleased. If you were like me, you’d envisioned great masterpieces only to end up with a bowl or cup; as most of the class. But still, our specific bowl/cup was unique. Because as we worked with the gray mass our own finger prints were embedded in the piece. Making it exclusive.

I made a statement to another person earlier this week that grieved the Lord. As I was in my quite time I recalled what I had said. Though when I was saying it, I didn’t think I was putting myself down. I just thought I was complementing the individual. I said; “I wish I looked like you, you’re so strong.”

As I took a moment to evaluate what I had said, I realized it was dishearten to the Lord. Suddenly I was reminded by the many things that HE has shown me over the years. And if you go back to read some of my post you will see that I have wrote about our individuality many times. In fact, here recently I posted on social media that our prayers are not supposed to ‘sound’ the same:

‘Often when I pray with another person they will say; ‘oh, you pray. I don’t pray like you do.’ We aren’t supposed to pray (sound) like each other. If Father God determined that our finger prints would be different from any others…Wouldn’t you think that our relationship with HIM would be as individual as our finger prints?’

Even though I know this, I still find myself makeing statements like I did. And really… I think that I may subconsciously believe that my uniqueness is limited to just a few things.

Side note: Do you know that not only are our finger prints are unique, but our eyes (even our two irises don’t match), the rim of our ears, our lip print, our tongue, our voice, our toe, and even our ‘gait’ is unique and can be used to identify us. http://www.rd.com/health/wellness/unique-body-parts/

I write all of this to say; something has been stirring in my spirit to step into. As I evaluate what the Lord has revealed to my heart over the years, I see a continuous thread. Mixed with the experiences that I have encounter this revelation has been solidify in my spirit. And I maneuver in a way that is second nature to me.  I want to share this idea (concept) with others but what if I am found odd? Or maybe even weird?

These ideas I have don’t sound like any ideas that I have heard before. They are all based on pearls of truths found in scripture, but, maybe not threaded in the manner that I wear them (so to speak). Is the Lord trying to awaken me to lead in a way that may be foreign to others?  These ideas that keep rising within me empowers me. Could empower others?

As I struggle with this, I keep hearing in my spirit: “Step out of the boat. When is the right thing to do the wrong thing? Georgia, I have made you like no other, it’s okay to be different.”

I have been praying about this but honestly my daily routine seems to push the ideas aside. It is like I get all ready to run and then I sit down. Only to do the same thing the next day.

Maybe with me typing this out to read, one or two of you would encourage me to move past putting on my running shoes and go run.

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