Is having compassion for people with bad behavior justifying their actions?

I have had the opportunity to work alongside all types of people over the years. Men and women coming from all kinds of different situations. Either working in volunteer positions or with fellow co-workers I have been exposed to people. Working in different doctors offices I have grown to build relationships with the patients that come in on a regular basis.

Just thinking about that statement makes me feel grateful in an odd way. What I mean to say; if I am constantly around people who think the same as I do and have a similar lifestyle as mine how would I grow in the area of compassion? Granted, I haven’t experienced the ‘ugliness’ that some people have encountered in different areas of the world.

Please do not miss understand me; I am in no way, thinking I am better, or worse than other individuals.

Thinking of ‘why’ a person behaves the way they do is something that I have done for years. I really don’t know when it started but it is who I am. Maybe because of my, not so perfect past and bad behavior; I have learned to look at my own “why” when my actions aren’t lining up with who I really am. Once I slow down for a moment and truly look deep inside, my inner me, and be honest with myself that I can usually find the root to the bad behavior.

Now, I don’t ponder about these things to the point of making myself stressed over another person situation. I did that at one time. But now its more about seeing the hurt that makes people do or say the things they do.

Again, this isn’t so that I can feel superior over another or that I have answers for them. But it gives me insight on how to pray for them. That may sound like a cliché to you, but there is power in prayer.

I type all this out because I know an individual that is having an issue with addiction.  Addiction to what? I do not know.  And truthfully it doesn’t really matter to me. I just want to know why the ‘system’ isn’t helping them [or other individuals] get victory in the area.

I have been told first hand how some probation processes go, and I am saddened. Group therapy, or demanding random testing, doesn’t help a person. The individual struggling in addiction needs help finding themselves.  To stop hiding and/or running from their past, which usually involves pain, to gain emotional healing. Heart-healing. Which I found in a personal relationship with TRINITY, touched by HIS indescribable love.

I understand a person has to have the desire to get help. But if they are walking around with ‘no hope’ and no positive words spoken to them: why would they want to ‘get help?’

Most people tangled in addiction know it is wrong, but it is an escape. This is how they cope with the pain: by numbing themselves to it.

Even today, walking downtown, I walked past an individual that was obviously not in their right mind. Automatically I felt compassion, my heart hurt for them.

Why? Why would someone not want to exist and engage life?

Talking about the downtrodden with another person I was asked; “Why do you make excuses for people?”

I don’t see, having compassion for another human being, as “making excuses.” That would mean that I justify their actions, and that would just enable them.

What do you think?

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