Make your request known.

I recently was asked if I could do something for a person I hold dear to my heart. I don’t recall her ever asking me to do anything for her the 12 years that we have known each other. My heart leaped when she reached out to me. I was determined; “even if I don’t know how to do this task, I will get it done for her,” I thought to myself.

Once I started in on the ‘project,’ I couldn’t help but smile.  I was the only one in the room as I worked on the task; no one could see the joy it brought me to do as she requested. Truthfully from start to finish didn’t take me long at all.

I can’t being to explain the joy it brought me; it was an easy task; you would have thought I just gave her a million dollars the way I felt inside. My thought to myself: “I hope that she would ask me to do more for her.”

Driving home, I contemplated how much joy it brought me to do a simple task and connect with each family member. We didn’t go anywhere; it wasn’t long conversations. What brought me so much joy was being in their presence.

Holy Spirit dropped in my heart: How you feel right now is how Father God feels when you ask Him to do even the smallest of things and/or spend time with Him.  At that moment, I felt His love more deeply toward me.

How often do we think we “need” to read chapters in our Bibles or be in prayer for long hours to bring or Father in Heaven joy? How often do we avoid “asking” for the smallest of requests thinking we are ‘bothering’ Him? But Papa God wants to spend time with us.

It makes me think of the time that I set aside to “soak.”  Now you are probably asking, “what is that?”

Soaking is when a person purposely sets aside everything to gaze on the beauty of the Lord (Psalm 27:4). No one is teaching, and no questions are being asked. You soak in worship music that is being played. The atmosphere is relaxing, and at times I have dozed off.

The first time I was invited to soak, I asked Papa God what this would be like? I had heard of people getting tangible things when they were in the presence of God. Seriously I have a friend that can testify to this phenomenon.

I chuckled to myself and thought this question; Papa, will you give me a diamond?

There is a story behind that question, I will not go into the details, but years ago, God told me to look for diamonds throughout my day. That most people will only hear or see the negative in our world. But it takes purpose to look for the positive. He said to me, “Georgia, I am handing you diamonds all day long, every day. Look for them, and pick them up. Put them in your pocket; before long, you will have a wheel barrel full of them.

So, I only expected a positive experience when asking Papa about ‘diamonds.’ Though I must admit, there was a small part of me that hoped for an actual diamond (big or small). Either way, I was “looking” for something extraordinary. 

I instantly felt comfortable even though I had never been at this church or knew the people in the room; even the person who invited me was not there. But I felt I was around family. I got comfortable and just let my mind think of all the things God has done on my behalf. My heart was overjoyed as I ‘soaked’ in his presence. Some people were writing things down in a notebook, and some were resting. After about 45 minutes, someone turned the music down, and people began to sit up. Everyone looked relaxed with a sincere smile. One by one, the group shared the things that they had felt, seen, or heard while they were soaking. It was very encouraging. The couple next to me said; well, I got something for you, they pointed to me. To my surprise, I waited to hear what they had to say. “I am not sure if this makes sense to you, but I heard the Lord say; Diamonds, tell her I have got lots of diamonds for her.”

Oh my goodness, I was thrilled! No one knew the question I asked in my heart to Papa God. And I can only imagine that this couple felt odd saying something that made no sense to them to a person they have never met before. But! It spoke so much to me!

God hears us! He knows us and wants to bless us. Papa God loves to spend time with us, and when we ask Him for something, He is overjoyed to give it to us. 

                Psalm 37:4 NLT Take delight in the Lord,  and he will give you your heart’s desires.

The request that my loved one asked of me, which I had written about initially, was a task that ultimately helped her save a little money. It wasn’t some outlandish assignment; it was simple.  What blessed my heart was the fact that I was asked. 

When we ask Papa God for something, we can confidently go before Him, knowing that HE loves us and no request is too small. And whenever I remember how my heartfelt doing the simple task for my loved one, I  will connect this feeling of deep love to the way God feels towards me.

Be Blessed, everyone; look for the diamond in your day.

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