We are “World Changers”

Christ(ian)s cannot afford to believe that we aren’t world changers. Yes, world changers! Not by huge discoveries in science that changes lives (though this is true). But by shifting the direction of our world by just knowing we carry HIS power to transformation situations.

How might we do this you ask? Well, by looking to see, and hearing to understand; perspective. For instance, when you hear a siren in the distance or even see some sort of emergence vehicle what do you notice? What is your reaction? Most times (not all times) I will stop and pray for whatever is going on. It isn’t any of my concern to figure out what is going on, because God knows. I just quickly pray that the heavens become unlocked over the individuals and the situation that is happening that moment.

Seeing everything around us through this different standpoint we have opportunities to be ‘world changers’ all the time. How amazing is that?! Please think about this for just a moment. If when we pray we unlock heaven, asking God to intervene in different situation, things have got to have a different outcome.

What an incredible privilege we have! We can walk our lives out in a God ordained confidence that Christ in us and the “helper” (the Holy Spirit) enables us to shift outcomes.

I truly believe this thought is vital to our lives today. Seriously we have become too relaxed in how we look at the world around us. We have this, ‘oh well that’s just the way it is’ outlook. NO its not, it is just the way we have “allowed” the world to be around us.
Scripture says that we can trust that he hears our prayers.

1 John 5:14 ESV and this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.

Proverbs 15:29 says that he hears the prayers of the righteous, and we are made righteous because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Though, please understand my heart of where I stand. We are to pray blessings not curses, love and not hate, over those things we are aware of. Remember God cannot come in agreement with something that goes against His word. Also, God knows the motives of our hearts (He knows us better than we know ourselves) so you might better check what your motives are.

The enemy would nothing less than for us to see this as concept ridiculous and absurd. But too many things have happened in my life to think differently about this. By me humbling myself to ask God and all of heaven to come and transform the outcome of circumstances I have been in, I have seen the impossible become the possible.

So! My prayer is that you would be able to ‘see’ the next time the Lord shows you something, and that you take the opportunity to be a ‘World Changer.’

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