Pregnancy Centers; Why I Serve By Georgia Barnes

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A Birth Mom’s Story

Since her childhood, author Georgia Barnes questioned her self-worth and assumed her life was disposable. She struggled to find completeness. Knowing something was missing among the jigsaw pieces of her life, she didn’t realize she was hiding from herself. Shocked that she was living in denial, Barnes finds the courage to unlock the area of her life that was never allowed to surface. In Pregnancy Centers, she narrates her journey of healing that she found when she stopped running from her past. An honest and sincere account, Barnes pairs her personal story in conjunction with her experiences becoming a volunteer at a Michigan pregnancy center. As a birth mom, she shares her story and why she feels so strongly about supporting this ministry. In this memoir, she addresses the misconceptions often associated with pregnancy centers while at the same time encouraging others to become involved in a ministry suited to their own needs and interests. She offers a reminder that the journey through life can take many forms and chapters. Each person’s path neither defines them nor their future.

12 reviews for Pregnancy Centers; Why I Serve By Georgia Barnes

  1. Georgia Barnes

    This is a very quick and easy book to read. I couldn’t put it down. It was an eye-opener for me, describing what the pregnancy centers offer. It is a great resource for women and men. It is very informative, giving hope to the pregnant woman, and also to the father. I have passed this book on to several friends, and have the opportunity to share this information of resources with a young single father.
    Georgia has written a beautiful, honest story of how she, as a young tender-hearted girl, became a strong, tender-hearted woman of God. She took us through the storms of her life and shared her pains and joys, all the while giving us a very insightful look into the many purposes and opportunities of the pregnancy center.
    Georgia has shared her heart and her love of Jesus Christ and her family through her own journey. God called her to share her story with His purpose, and she obeyed Him. Well done! Jody B

  2. Georgia Barnes

    A Powerful Story! There is much to glean from the transparency in which Georgia writes and shares her journey…although in human standards she may have every right to be angry and bitter…she…through her relationship with Jesus and serving Him as a mentor in a local pregnancy center …finds herself revisiting a dark time of her life that she had buried deep in her heart. Through God’s perfect ways and timing, she experiences complete healing … and was given a blessing that was exceedingly abundantly above what she could have ever hoped for. Paula H

  3. Georgia Barnes

    Never Give Up! I purchase this book after learning that Georgia had written about her life story and the impact she’s found Crisis Pregnancy Centers can have on a mother and father facing difficult decisions. It was easy to read and I found myself excited to pick it up every time I had a chance. I couldn’t quite put it down. I love redemptive stories and this is one of them!!! Cheryl M

  4. Georgia Barnes

    A fascinating story. I was captured by her transparency, emotion, and storytelling. This is a story of hope and restoration. I enjoyed reading Georgia’s story very much. Douglas H.

  5. Georgia Barnes

    Amazing book!!! This book had me from the beginning, I couldn’t put it down. The book is not only a book about pregnancy and help for mothers, this book is about faith, courage, strength and God’s love for all of us. The message and testimony in this book is encouraging and loving no matter the decision these woman make or anyone for that matter. Your work at the center, your story and testimony will forever change their lives, and encourage these woman, no matter where they are in life that they are loved and God loves them more. Your faith shows through this book on every page it is encouraging, inspiring, uplifting and heartfelt. YOU are a true inspiration to all that encounter you. Your love for God, and your devotion to him is what we all should have and need in our lives, your love for your family and the amazing bond that you ALL have is inspiring. You truly are a Beautiful gift from GOD and 1 of his most precious messengers. Maggie I.

  6. Georgia Barnes

    THANK YOU Georgia for allowing the world to peek into your most personal and intimate side of your life’s journey. I had been a Midwife for years, seen and heard a lot of stories, spent incredible hours with moms who were dealing with deep issues and it was magnified during labor and delivery, so when I poured myself into the pages of this book I was taken back by her openness, like she unzipped her most hidden personal side in hopes to reach other women who are walking that road now. I bought the book at church and had it read in 2 sittings, mind you I am not an avid reader, but she drew me in the moment I opened the pages. I was captivated and felt her emotions, so raw, so tender, so real. What a redemptive gift of re-uniting with her daughter. Thank you Georgia for reaching out your hand as an extension of Jesus and His love and grace and HOPE for women you cross paths with and those who read this book. One more thing, this book could be Salvation in many ways for women everywhere, there should be stacks of this book in every pregnancy center across the USA. Gail G.

  7. Jeri

    Jeri S.
    Choosing life through difficult circumstances.
    Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2021
    As a pregnancy center director, I believe that all center volunteers and staff should read this beautiful book. It’s such a compelling story of choosing life through very difficult circumstances.
    Thank you, Georgia for writing this and sharing your story!

  8. Linda C

    Linda C.
    Your life does matter and God will see you through.
    Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018
    This book was heartfelt and informative.
    Far too many young women are left alone to deal with pregnancy issues.

  9. James B

    James B
    I really enjoyed reading Pregnancy Centers
    Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2018
    I really enjoyed reading Pregnancy Centers: Why I Serve. The author did a great job sharing her story and how pregnancy centers are there for individuals struggling with unplanned pregnancies. I appreciated the format which goes back and forth between her personal story and then how pregnancy centers are there to meet the needs of those making a tough decision. I could feel her emotion and passion as she shared her experience both as a mom who placed a baby for adoption and as a volunteer and employee at a pregnancy center. She speaks from personal experience. Well done!

  10. Karen

    Amazing & Inspiring
    Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2020
    Verified Purchase
    Such a wonderful read! Reading about the author’s personal journey towards healing was so inspiring! With & through God all things are possible! Loved the book!

  11. Jason

    Great book!
    Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2020
    Verified Purchase
    I birth mom story is beautifully written book that anyone can relate to. Her reality from her childhood experience to her experience with the pregnancy centers Was has brought together beautifully. I didn’t know very much about pregnancy centers until I read this book. Her relationship with Jesus Christ is nothing more than remarkable.

  12. Amazon Reader

    Amazon Reader
    Great story!
    Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2018
    Verified Purchase
    I know Georgia personally and loved reading her story. She weaves her story into telling why she serves at a crisis pregnancy center. She also tells the story of reuniting with the daughter she gave up for adoption. I love how real and vulnerable she is as she tells this story. She shows us how God can take our painful experiences and bring transformation. I encourage anyone who has ever had an unplanned pregnancy or knows someone who has gone through that to read this book! It will encourage you from someone who has been there. It will also help you understand how crisis pregnancy centers can help.

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