Getting back on track

I was up early yesterday morning reading scriptures and thinking about what this week’s devotional was going to be about.  A sense of failure washed over me as I thought about how little time I spent in the past writing the devotional.  Yes, there are times that my weekend is just too busy, but I usually start writing my blog and then the devotional.  As my weekend ran out of time, the devotional page suffered.

Then God asked me again a question that He has asked me before; “What is your intention, what do you want to accomplish with the website?” To point people to you Lord, I answered.

Then I instantly realized that by me putting more time in the “blog” then writing a devotional I was putting myself first. With that realization guilt washed over me like a great wave.

“Lord, have I been pointing to myself instead of you? Please forgive me Lord”

I have felt a block in connecting with God in my prayer time and couldn’t figure out why; I just figured that I didn’t have enough time to hear Him.  Little did I know that “block” was me!  I was instantly broken and just cried.  I have been putting myself first before God.

At the foot of the cross is the only place that I can find forgiveness.  Humbling myself before God I confessed my sin, and asked God to forgive me.  As I spent time there at the cross – just being still – I felt HIM there next to me.

I want to apologize to everyone. With all my heart I want to encourage you to chase after God, read your scriptures, and get understanding.  I want to cheer you on in the things of the Lord.  I don’t want to point to my life.  That isn’t my goal.   I want to point your sights UP.

So in the future, my priority is to write a devotional each week, if I write something for my blog page – good, if I don’t, oh well.

Until next time, be blessed my friends, and keep reading your scriptures.

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