He has always been there.

I had just finished a writing project that had me reflect back on my life and it amazes me as I look at my past how God’s hand has been protecting me, even before I knew him.

One morning this past week I woke up remembering a night when I was about 18 years old. It was when I had my very first tax withholding ‘real’ job. The company was having their annual Christmas party and I was so excited about going- my first real party. I had on ‘leggings’ with high heel shoes and a large festive sweater. Of course my hair was teased up and hair spray to hold it in place. I was rocking it!

Once I arrived I was greeted with warm welcoming hugs and was handed a drink. Little did I know that my co-workers had pre-planned on getting me, the new girl, drunk. I kept drinking the sweet mixed drinks as they were handed to me. Everyone was laughing, and all of us girls kicked off our shoes and danced to the music on the dance floor. However over time I got real warm and decided to go outside to get some air. Though once I stepped outside I started go for a walk and walked away from the party. I had no clue where I was going but just kept walking. I didn’t have a coat on nor did I have shoes on. I can recall thinking to myself ‘Where am I?’

It was a college town and I saw many sorority houses lit up but I couldn’t find my way back to the party. All of the sudden I heard a dog barking and remembered I heard a dog bark when I left the party, so I just followed the sound. Not really even pay attention to where I was walking, just focusing on the dog. Once I got to the where the party was, everyone gasped as they grabbed my shivering body and brought me in from the cold. I was given a warm blanket and coffee to drink. Later, when I was more coherent, they had told me that I was gone for close to an hour and they had no clue where I had gone. Then they asked me; where did you go? I had told them that I went for a walk, and lost my way and if it wasn’t for me following the sound of the dog barking I didn’t know where I would be. They looked somewhat puzzled and said; ‘we didn’t hear any dog barking. We went looking for you and called your name, didn’t you hear us? No, I said I just heard the dog.

As I laid in my bed recalling that night years ago, I just shook my head. That is when I heard God say; ‘I was with you that night Georgia, I lead you back to that party.’

Even during some of the darkest times of my life there has always been a glimmer of hope inside that kept me going and I believe it was God the whole time. Thank you Lord for being with me always.

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