His Hands

Have you ever sat back and watch how a toddler explores the world? Have you ever thought, what goes through their little minds when they experience the feeling of grass for the first time or sand between their toes?

When my children were just toddlers, they would occasionally climb up into their daddy’s lap as he sat in his recliner. He worked many hours back in those days, so they didn’t get the chance to do this too often.

Once situated comfortably, they would reach for his hands and hold them in theirs. Not saying too much, they would study his hands, looking down at how big and strong his fingers were compared to theirs. I thought to myself; Do they understand how much work those hands do to provide for them?

This morning during the last worship song, I just positioned myself [imagined] as a child in the presence of Jesus. Wondering in my heart what I should say to HIM, I just quietly sat next to Him. Then I looked down and saw HIS hands, reaching down I took them into mine studying them closer. Fliping his hand over, I began to run my fingers over His scars. Then a question entered my heart; do you really understand the finished work these scars have provided for you?

Salvation is the beginning. And I am so thankful that I will have everlasting life with LOVE [God is Love], and not in a place of hate, regret, and pain.

But, this is not all that was accomplished. Jesus restored us to God. He has given us unlimited resources to live our lives in victory. We have more rights and privileges than just not going to hell.

I want to encourage you to read the gospels and note how Jesus walked on this earth, remembering that He gave up His deity and walked this earth as a man. Take note of how HE interacted with people. Then read the Epistles that Paul wrote. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment of what it means to be called a son/daughter of God.

Then answer this question: Do you really understand the finished work the scars on Jesus’s hands have provided for us?

I would love to read what things you learned by doing this.      

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