How do you feel?

Is your motivation based on how you feel? When a person feels good they have lots of energy, and they greet everyone with smiles. However, when a person does not feel good they tend to move slower and maybe have a more serious look on their faces. We all do this to some degree.

This morning I am doing some self-reflection, looking at some of the things that I have been struggling with. Bottom line my struggles are rooted from how I feel about ‘myself’ not how I feel physically.

When I feel good about myself and know that I am loved by God and forgiven I can walk with sure steps. But, when I feel condemned and unworthy I don’t move. Carrying that heaviness on myself I get stuck -stuck in the muck. I am tired of this back and forth walk of mine. I have been on this road before and it is exhausting. I know where this condemnation comes from! Yet, whenever the enemy hands it to me, I accept it as if it was a bouquet of flowers.

I need consent encouragement to do something that I know I can do. God revealed this analogy to me this morning:
A young child needs encouraged by her parents that she can tie her shoes, it is natural. However, when this child grows to be a teenager, or in her twenties, thirties, yes even forties, this type of encouragement is ridiculous. Parents become exhausted encouraging this child, assuring her that she can, in fact, tie her own shoes.

Then in my spirit I felt God say to me;
‘Come on now, enough is enough! You can do this! Let us move on to newer things child!’

Sometimes I struggle believing that I am loved by God, and yes, forgiven. I know that God loves me, and that Jesus Christ ‘paid the price.’ So why in the world would I think differently? ‘Stinking Thinking!’ Not only that, but I have needed encouragement in things I know I already can do. Absurd I know.

Yes, I know I need to fine tune some areas. HOWEVER, God wants me to move onto new things. That is what is so great about our God; HE can work on many areas of our lives at the same time. If perfection is what we are looking for before we move on to other things then we will never move at all.

How about you? How are you feeling about yourself? Are you moving, or stuck in the muck?

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