Our lives speak volumes

This week has had its ups and downs.   There were times that I got stuck in the “right now” with fear and doubt pushing in on me – forgetting that God sees the big picture for my life.  The fear and doubt was only based on what I was experiencing in that moment.   Doctor appointments, tests, then more doctor appointments; it is enough to make a person really “freak out”.

This morning I stopped to look back of how God has worked things out in the past.  Again I am reminded God has it all in His hands.  He knows what is next.  Even looking back at this week specifically I can see His hand working things out.

This week I have received answers to questions, opportunities to pursue my heart’s desires, and encouragement to step out in those things.  Best of all… ANSWERED PRAYERS!!  Those prayers that I have prayed for my loved ones to truly hear God.   And for them to know that GOD has their very best interest in mind. I am so excited to see the evidence of it in my family.

Not only do I pray these things for my family but I need to live it in my own life.  You know how the saying goes; our lives speak louder than words.  How we handle different situations speaks volumes to those around us!  Someone once wrote; our lives may be the only bible some people read.

I would hope and pray that as I walk out my life my loved ones would see that I am truly seeking God, putting my trust HIM.  Even though I may not know what is next, I will trust HE is with me.

Yeah, I will fall, and at times even sit in the puddle of fear and doubt – but I believe that is when God calls down his angles to minister to me, help me stand up again and cheer me on into the things of GOD.

I find comfort in the verse Hebrews 1:7 … He makes his angels’ winds, his servants flames of fire.  Do you visualize it? God calls his angles down to our need, and with their angelic wings they fan the flame inside us.

So with all said and done this past week my prayer would be that the people around me heard me live out my faith and trust in God, even though I have had my moments of fear and doubt.

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