Rose of Jericho (resurrection plant)

Only a few mentally plan to be in this spot my brothers and I find ourselves. However, we each knew that would come a day when we would have to lay to rest our beloved mom.

You might have memories of my mom, Margo. Family or friends, everyone agrees she was kind to everyone she met, and her smile would light up everyone she gave it to.

One memory I have is when I decided to lay out in the sun after hanging clothes out on the clothesline. To my surprise, mom asked if she could lay with me. This may not seem so unusual to most, but my mom was always doing something; in the household of eight, there was always something to do. So for her to stop doing to ‘be with me’ for a moment hardly ever happened.

Of course, I laughed when she just down on my blanket and folded up her ¾ sleeves as high as they would go and her pants up to her knees. And though we didn’t talk about anything that I can remember. I just felt close to her at that moment.

I had made a post shortly after mom passed about not looking at the would of, could of, should of- of the past, or looking at the future with regret – because that would take me to a place of sadness and, truthfully, bitterness. That is what I thought I needed to do to get through this season.

But the Thursday morning of her viewing, I had awoken with a name in my thoughts. This person isn’t someone I usually “follow” I heard of his worship songs, but I looked his name up because of my history of how the Lord shows me things.

I wanted to know if this person had a teaching or message. I got online and searched for the most recent post. I found it, and the message’s title is The walk of Grief.

I want to share a few things that have stirred my heart while I listened.

Emotions are complex – so grieving is complex. For me to deny my feelings, I am denying the Trinity to bring healing – I am restricting myself from growing.

Grief is work, but we don’t do it alone; we do it with our community, our circle. Family or friends, we need a safe place to talk. We have permission to be authentic.

We need to rest. Rest isn’t the absence of activity; it is the absence of control. Will we take refuge in the Lord?
Proverbs 3:5,6
Trust in the Lord, and do not rely on your opinions. With all your heart, rely on him to guide you (through Grief).
Then it goes on to say vs., 8
Then you will find the healing refreshment your body and spirit long for.

I do believe in the ONE whom God sent: Jesus. And I believe and trust in his word. And I am not ashamed to say; I asked for the miraculous; trust me, some of you were there.

But ultimately, God never overrides a person’s free will. Mom chooses to be with her heavenly father, God. And God is love; it says so in scripture (1 John 4:8, 4:16). Mom is surrounded in love.

The Lord dropped a vision of a resurrection plant (Rose of Jericho) blooming in my heart.

It is a small gray plant that curls its branches and seedpods inward in the dry season, forming a lifeless-looking ball. IT can survive for years in that form, but once moistened (watered), it revives and blooms.

Mom is fully bloomed and more glorious than we have ever seen.
So as we walk out the rest of our life journey, let’s not curl up in a lifeless ball. Let the refreshing water of God’s word refresh you.

Isaiah 12:3 – With joy, you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

Revelation 22:17 MSG IF anyone thirsty – come – All who will come and drink, drink freely of the water of Life.

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