The Stirring

Have you ever mixed caramel into chocolate? I know this might sound odd, but I like to watch the swirl as I stir one into the other. The visual reminds me of the stirring that goes on inside each of us.

Most times, when I sense a stirring, it leads me to something sweet. Yes, there have been times when I experienced a stirring that caused me fearful panic or debilitating shame. However, I have learned to identify the author of such instances (satan) over the years and quickly remind myself who I am: a child of God and whose I am. Instantly the stirring that brought fear and shame stops.

Today I felt that sweet stirring as I went for a relaxing stroll among the colorful trees. I walked past a person working outside, and that swirl that the caramel made in the chocolate wrapped around me and caused me to turn around. I found myself walking back to that person and not sure what I was going to say after “Hello” the stirring led me to ask one question that led to a friendly conversation.

When I walked away, I said a little prayer for this person that I don’t think I have ever worded it the way I did before. I prayed: “Holy Spirit answer the questions that have started to stir in her heart.”

Right after I spoke those words, I had to chuckle to myself.

Holy Spirit stirred in me to turn around and ask a question that started a stirring inside of another. No profound theology of God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit was recognized in our discussion even though the Trinity prompted the encounter.

This is how it starts with each of us, a stirring. God created us spiritual beings, and we each have a void inside that can only be fulfilled with a personal relationship with Papa God. Not to say, inspired passions aren’t rewarding, but when we invite Papa God to partner with us to carry out those divine ideas, it brings us so much joy.   

I know life gets busy. I know our schedules get filled when we don’t even try to fill them. BUT! If we would allow Holy Spirit to stir us, let His love swirl around us, HE will turn us to the Cross, and then we will realize all that Jesus has done and how very much the Trinity wants to be included in our lives. Once we allow unity, the void will no longer be there.        

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