What Degree have you chosen and why Bethel College?

I had to answer these questions my first night of Adult Orientation class. Everyone in the room had very good answers. The non – traditional classes are appealing for those who have full time jobs. And most everyone was going after their Bachelor’s Degree because it would open up job opportunities and they would be able to provide for their families better, anticipating a higher paying scale. But when it came around to me to give my answer I felt my reasons weren’t good enough. I kept my answer very general; “I am studying Bible and Ministry.” Then I was asked if I was going for my Bachelor’s, and my answer to that was; “I have been out of school for over 28 years so I am doing little bites at a time, I am just going for my Associates Degree for now.”

The Professor then stated this static; “A Bachelor’s Degree, these days, is now the equivalent to a High School Diploma.”

Wow! Did I feel foolish about just stating that I am only going for my Associates Degree. I wanted to crawl under the computer that was sitting in front of me. I am sure that the Professor didn’t mean anything by making this statement but I felt very embarrassed and somewhat silly about even being enrolled as a student. This is a lot of debt that I am going to accrual which he had also pointed out several times.

As I left the classes I secretly wished that the office was open so that I could cancel my enrollment at Bethel, give back my student loan, drive home, and hide safely in my own little world.

Upon waking the next morning, after tossing all night long, with thoughts of failure because I want to quit school before I really even get started. I asked God to give me some encouragement to let me know that I am doing the right thing.

The only reason I want to go to school is not for some piece of paper. I want to go to school because I want to be confident in the things I believe so that I can be able to communicate my faith and minister to others better.

Why am I going to school? Should I go to school? Do I really want to go into this much debt? I drove into work with these thoughts rolling around in my head. And as I walked into work I asked God again; “Please give me words that I am doing the right thing and encourage me Lord.”

One of the first patients that I checked in had a medallion necklace on that said; ‘Trust your Journey.’ How wonderful Lord I thought, You want me to trust You in this journey. Thank You.

Then another patient came in, he was studying the Book of 2 Timothy. He told me that if a person knew the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words and understood the culture of the people in those times Gods word has so much more meaning. I told him that I would love to understand those things and how I was going to school for Bible and Ministry because I wanted to be sure of what I believe. He then told me to look up 2 Timothy 2:15 which I did at lunch.

It reads;
Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of Truth.

This so encouraged me! This is the reason why I am going to school, and I am okay with that reason. I felt as God was saying to me; ‘Yes Georgia, you are on the right path, you may not know all the reasons ‘why’ but I do.’

With that I was able to walk into my first official class with my head held high knowing that I am going to be okay. God is with me.

And you know what?! I love my Professor, she is so cute, and full of life, she explains things in terms that I can understand. Yes, this is going to be a long road, and at times it will be very challenging for me, but I am going to ‘Trust my Journey’. And I will become more confident of the things I believe so that God can use me the way that He has created me to be.

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