A Mean Girl

As I was running this evening God really convicted my heart. The other day I was being one of those ‘mean girls’ that I’ve witnessed heartlessly rip the heart out of another with their words. I was pretty ashamed of myself as I thought about it.

Even though this person works hard at her job I told her she was incompetent. In the employee break room she struggled to carry on a conversation with some co-workers. Once everyone left I told her she wasn’t a likeable person and very awkward. In all reality she is really a very friendly person.

God asked me why I was so mean to His precious child, but I couldn’t answer him. I was crushed to realize that I grieved the Lord with the things that I thought and said.

In my brokenness I asked God to forgive me for saying such things and asked Him to help me to say nicer words to myself from now on.

Really, if we think about it…
Would we be friends with a person that speaks harshly to us (putting us down) the way we sometimes speak harshly to ourselves?

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