Happy New Year

I don’t know if everyone who reads the words I type out declares allegiance to King Jesus, but I do. I am no better than the next person; what makes me confident that I am redeemed is that  I know that the sacrifice of Jesus covered all my iniquities (Ps. 25:10-12). I also know that the Spirit  Intercedes on my (our) behalf. 

I have mentioned several times that I am an intercessor; some might not understand what I mean by saying this, but it means that I pray. How I pray might be unusual to some, but I am not embarrassed by this. Years ago, I may have, but not now.

I take my position in prayer seriously and responsibly, which means when people reach out to me for prayer, I cannot pray half-hearted prayers; the Holy Spirit won’t allow me to. I am not saying that I partner with religious wording. I pray with my heart engaged with heaven. Even then, I may pray for things that may not align with God’s design or will. I heard a pastor say that Jesus takes our prayers and shines them up before handing them to God. Not that -that gives me an excuse to pray irresponsibly, but it gives me (personally) grace to not be afraid to pray.    

Let me explain.

Years ago, a family member of mine had an employment opportunity open up before them and had to decide.

NOTE: we are not to pray manipulative prayers (things that go against a person’s will).

In those babe years of my understanding of prayer, I did not seek God’s will. I just prayed prayers that I thought were good. And I prayed that this person would make the right decision and take the opportunity. That would have been the best move for this person’s future. That family member decided to pass up the ‘opportunity.’ At first, I was upset, but I had gotten to a place of trust that God had a plan, and it would be good.

Recently, information was released that the employer, which I thought was a great opportunity, is not upstanding and ethical as I thought. In my heart, I told the Lord – thank you –I was then reminded of what that pastor had said long ago.

You may be asking yourself: what is the purpose of typing this all out?

I want to communicate that I ask the Holy Spirit what to pray when I pray. So if you reach out to me for this type of support, praying for you, or for decisions you need to make, know that I ask Holy Spirit how to pray.

I know beyond a doubt that prayer can change the course of destruction.

In the leadership position, we each have,  there is accountability; let us take it more seriously.

I have made an oath to allow Jesus Christ as my Lord. Yes, I live in the United States, but I pledge allegiance to HIM first. No man-driven policies will fix bad legislation. No new prescription will heal the mind (heart) that is depressed. No new curriculum will prepare our youth for the future. 

I believe the success of 2023  begins with us each asking God; what is your will for my life? Being accountable to God and yielding to what he calls us will bring the victory of Jesus Christ, manifested on the earth as it is in heaven. 

Happy New Year! It will be an incredible year, for we will see the Glory of God displayed on earth.    

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