Can you hear it?

Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice? I rarely listen to myself, though anyone who speaks publicly should. The purpose is to learn and grow as a communicator, hearing how you sound to others.

Question: Could we recognize the sound of our voice if we listened to a recording of ourselves in a room full of people?

My voice has a relatively ‘high’ tone, so I need to remember that when I talk to my grandbabies, I don’t need to take it up an octave to engage. Why do we do this when we talk to babies?

As much as I hate to admit it, I can get my feathers ruffled (so to speak), and my angry voice sounds hard, sharp, and short, unlike my normal soft tone.

Another question; Can you hear your own heart when you speak? I am not talking about the beat of our hearts. I am talking about hearing your spirit.

Let me explain

Earlier this morning, I was talking to Tom (not their real name). He has spoken with me sporadically for the past five years. Many times I could ‘hear’ what he was saying. Oddly though, I don’t think he realizes what he is communicating.

At times, over the years, I could hear Tom’s hurt and bitterness. I usually hear a playful yet orphaned little boy, not understanding his value.

Today I said to him; Oh Tom, I hear your heart, don’t you? He looked at me puzzled and playfully laughed and walked away.

I don’t know; maybe he does hear his heart but doesn’t know how to process it.

I have been there many times. I am filling my day with noise, busy doing this and that, so I don’t have to hear my heart speak. For many years I told myself I was too busy. I need to help so-in-so, or I should get this done, or that.

What about you? Do you sometimes turn on some mindless television show to rest your overworked mind? It may be for the noise to drown out the small voice inside.

Years ago, at the end of my day, I would sit and think about how I missed the mark or didn’t get everything checked off my ‘to-do’ list. I even rehearse conversations with others, thinking to myself; oh, I should have said this, or I should have done that.

Torment is what it was, agony. And who do you think would start those thoughts? The enemy of my soul!  

It wasn’t until I stopped racializing my heart’s inner voice, letting little Georgia speak, and allowing Papa God to interact with me that I understood my need for inner healing. It is a process like layers of an onion. But it is liberating! 

Matthew 12:34 b

for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

When we communicate, we should listen so that we can truly hear. I usually apply that to the one speaking to me, but we can also use it ourselves, listening to our heart. 

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