Good deed for the day

‘Well I guess you did your good deed for the day. Thank you.’

This is what a woman said to me one day as I was leaving the store. Truthfully I was thinking of going out the other door because she was walking slowly and I was in a hurry. As I watched her struggling with a loaded down cart I thought this lady needs to look where she is going. She kept looking down at her feet as she was trying to make her way to the store exit. So I looked down at her feet, only to realize that this woman was obviously in some major pain. It broke my heart that I had selfish thoughts of being ‘in a hurry’ moments before.

Remembering a lesson I learned a few years back (blog titled; Three Unselfish Moments) about being in a hurry I chose to walk ‘patiently’ behind her. As she got to the door I asked her if she would like me to hold it open (the doors were not automatic). She looked up at me and smiled and said ‘that would be helpful.’ However, as she pushed her cart over the door threshold, items started to fall out of her basket. So of course I helped her pick them up. That’s when she looked up at me and said; ‘Well I guess you did your good deed for the day, thank you.’

I watched this lady a little longer to make sure she didn’t have any more problems getting to her car. Once I was sure that she was going to make it just fine, I thought about her words. ‘Good deed for the day.’ What an awful thought. Does a person only have ‘one’ good deed in them a day? No, I think not. What would our world look like if we would do more than fill the ‘one a day’ quota? I mean, what if we just helped people when we have the opportunity to help them. Quit always thinking about our ‘own’ agenda and bless someone. You never know, just maybe God has placed you in a certain situation that you can easily bless another human being. Like holding open a door.


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