People really do want to be nice.

Driving into work one morning I noticed a tall man walk out of the local donut shop with a box full of, what I assume donuts. He had a smile on his face it was almost as if he was skipping. “Why is this man so happy about a box of donuts?” I asked myself, “Is he going to eat them all?” Then I heard God say, “He is happy because he is doing something nice for his fellow co-workers.”
I thought about that for a few minutes… I like to nice things for people, it makes me smile when I know I can surprise someone. I felt ashamed to think the worse of this man, that he was going to eat all those donuts. Think about it, people really do want to do nice things for others. I believe it is in our make up, it makes us feel good when we do nice things. So the next time a fellow co-worker does something nice for you, do be suspicious of their actions, they just want to be nice.

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