We are God’s focal point

Have you ever been to an art class when the artist is up front painting each step as he or she instructs you how to create a masterpiece of your own? It’s a lot of fun; however it can make a person anxious (like me) when you’re comparing what you have on your canvas and see what the finish product should look like. At first it seems pointless as you’re instructed to brush wisps of this yellow, orange and then maybe green. Before you know it the white canvas has turned into a lovely hue of colors, but still you don’t know how your picture is going to turn out looking beautiful. Then at last you are instructed to paint your focal point, in my case it was dandelions with its white fluffy seed floating into the breeze. Ah, now I can understand why all the other things need to be in place first, it was the back drop if you will for the main subject.

The account of creation is often taught in Sunday school classes of small children but not thought about much as an adult. Till today- today in church service we were taught that there are many different biblical theologies about the first chapter in the Bible, “In the Beginning” but bottom line we were (and still are) God’s focal point. As we read the first chapter of Genesis it started to click for me -especially after taking that art class-that the whole time God was creating His focal point was us. We read that God created light, then there was light and darkness. He created the sky, the dry ground, seed bearing plants, and trees that bear fruit of various kinds. He created the Sun, moon, stars, birds of the air, creators of the sea, and every living and moving thing. Then God said (vrs 26) let us make man…

Wow, don’t you see it? We are not just an afterthought as some may think, the whole time God was thinking of mankind as He created the Garden of Eden. We are precious in His sight, His awesome masterpiece.


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