Worship, this is what it is like for me…

I believe that a heavenly glow of God’s glory shines down on a person when he/she has the true heart of worship. Worship isn’t just on Sunday morning at church. It can be as you drive in your car, when you run or exercise, when you in your office, when you are in your prayer time. It is any time that you are glorifying the Lord God. Even our lives are a form of worship, by how we handle each gift of ‘today’ that the Lord gives us.

When I worship, I have to throw off all hindrances that would make me feel self conscience. I quiet my thoughts and listen to the words of a song and just let it soak into my mind, my heart, and my spirit. When I have truly thrown off all my hindrances; guilt, shame, my sin, and the world around me I find myself kneeling at the cross. And I stay there for a while, and allow Jesus Christ to cleanse me.

As the music rings in my spirit I imagine that I am walking into courts of Gods throne, only because Jesus is before me am I able to be at this place. And God’s glory fills the room – it is like a royal robe that is continuing to unfold in the heavenly realm. I am very small in HIS presence but I know with out a doubt that HE loves me.

At times I feel that I am dancing (twirling in circles and skipping) in a field of flowers, but I am a small girl with my long dark hair. The sun feels warm to my face as I look up toward the sky and worship my Lord. Again it’s just me in this place, by myself, and I feel so much contentment. The feeling I have is dreamlike and I don’t want to leave it. This is my special spot where I find my peace.

When I run, I will run with worship in my heart. When I do this I can almost feel Heaven come down and kiss my face as I sing to glorify my God. I imagine that the angles around me can sense my worship and they are singing along side of me and together our worship is like a perfume that rises up to my Father in heaven.

Then there are the times that the drums beat hard like a warriors battle call. I imagine that every Christian shout out ‘Glory to God’ as they carry out those things that God has created them for. (Eph. 2:10) I see as we are marching forward we are taking our God give authority (only because of Jesus) over the enemy and chains are being broken off of people that the enemy has in his darkness. Then light shines in, brighter than one can imagine. We then shout again; “Victory belongs to Him who sits on the right side of our Father in heaven, forever and ever, amen!”

Then still there are times when my heart is heavy and I am kneeling at the cross, tears stream down my face. It is cleansing for me. I will then sense the gentleness of His hand on me. No words are spoken just His of peace covers me.

This is what worship is for me. What is worship like for you?

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