Can you hear it?

Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice? I rarely listen to myself, though anyone who speaks publicly should. The purpose is to learn and grow as a communicator, hearing how you sound to others.

Question: Could we recognize the sound of our voice if we listened to a recording of ourselves in a room full of people?

My voice has a relatively ‘high’ tone, so I need to remember that when I talk to my grandbabies, I don’t need to take it up an octave to engage. Why do we do this when we talk to babies?

As much as I hate to admit it, I can get my feathers ruffled (so to speak), and my angry voice sounds hard, sharp, and short, unlike my normal soft tone.

Another question; Can you hear your own heart when you speak? I am not talking about the beat of our hearts. I am talking about hearing your spirit.

Let me explain

Earlier this morning, I was talking to Tom (not their real name). He has spoken with me sporadically for the past five years. Many times I could ‘hear’ what he was saying. Oddly though, I don’t think he realizes what he is communicating.

At times, over the years, I could hear Tom’s hurt and bitterness. I usually hear a playful yet orphaned little boy, not understanding his value.

Today I said to him; Oh Tom, I hear your heart, don’t you? He looked at me puzzled and playfully laughed and walked away.

I don’t know; maybe he does hear his heart but doesn’t know how to process it.

I have been there many times. I am filling my day with noise, busy doing this and that, so I don’t have to hear my heart speak. For many years I told myself I was too busy. I need to help so-in-so, or I should get this done, or that.

What about you? Do you sometimes turn on some mindless television show to rest your overworked mind? It may be for the noise to drown out the small voice inside.

Years ago, at the end of my day, I would sit and think about how I missed the mark or didn’t get everything checked off my ‘to-do’ list. I even rehearse conversations with others, thinking to myself; oh, I should have said this, or I should have done that.

Torment is what it was, agony. And who do you think would start those thoughts? The enemy of my soul!  

It wasn’t until I stopped racializing my heart’s inner voice, letting little Georgia speak, and allowing Papa God to interact with me that I understood my need for inner healing. It is a process like layers of an onion. But it is liberating! 

Matthew 12:34 b

for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

When we communicate, we should listen so that we can truly hear. I usually apply that to the one speaking to me, but we can also use it ourselves, listening to our heart. 


There are indeed vocabulary differences between men and women, which sometimes makes me laugh.

This past weekend I was with a group of men and women having a meal together at the local restaurant enjoying good food and conversation. 

One of the men at the table told a story and said, “… stuck in my craw,” which made me laugh. And I asked what the meaning of the word, craw is. Of course, all the men knew what it meant, but I didn’t.

Another guy at the table said; the expression compares to a woman’s intuition. With that clarification, I could follow the story easier.

I wonder how often the message gets misconstrued because of our difference in vocabulary. It happens more times than we think.

We each use perception based on our experiences; we see things more often than not through our struggles, hardships, victories, or joyful times. And if we have not gone through an ‘experience’ for ourselves, we listen to others who have. Yet, again it is being communicated through the lens of that person. 

Let’s say someone went to an amusement park, rode a rollercoaster, and had a wonderful time. The thrill of the ride’s gravitational and centripetal forces stirred enthusiasm for such places and often talked about it. Someone who has never been to an amusement park would take this person’s opinion.

I am not too proud to admit that I am NOT all-knowing, nor do I understand all the information being shared. With that said, I will pray before starting my day, especially before attending meetings, particularly those that concern the welfare of my community, and ask for wisdom and understanding. One might think the two are the same, but they aren’t. Understanding is the ability to grasp what is said, and wisdom is to discern what is true, right, or lasting. 

 I am asking for wisdom from Holy Spirit. Only then would I have an unbias discernment.

James 3:17 – But the wisdom that comes from heaven is, first of all, pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

As we each start our week, let us humble ourselves and pray for true wisdom as we make decisions that affect not only our own lives but the lives of others.  

Happy New Year

I don’t know if everyone who reads the words I type out declares allegiance to King Jesus, but I do. I am no better than the next person; what makes me confident that I am redeemed is that  I know that the sacrifice of Jesus covered all my iniquities (Ps. 25:10-12). I also know that the Spirit  Intercedes on my (our) behalf. 

I have mentioned several times that I am an intercessor; some might not understand what I mean by saying this, but it means that I pray. How I pray might be unusual to some, but I am not embarrassed by this. Years ago, I may have, but not now.

I take my position in prayer seriously and responsibly, which means when people reach out to me for prayer, I cannot pray half-hearted prayers; the Holy Spirit won’t allow me to. I am not saying that I partner with religious wording. I pray with my heart engaged with heaven. Even then, I may pray for things that may not align with God’s design or will. I heard a pastor say that Jesus takes our prayers and shines them up before handing them to God. Not that -that gives me an excuse to pray irresponsibly, but it gives me (personally) grace to not be afraid to pray.    

Let me explain.

Years ago, a family member of mine had an employment opportunity open up before them and had to decide.

NOTE: we are not to pray manipulative prayers (things that go against a person’s will).

In those babe years of my understanding of prayer, I did not seek God’s will. I just prayed prayers that I thought were good. And I prayed that this person would make the right decision and take the opportunity. That would have been the best move for this person’s future. That family member decided to pass up the ‘opportunity.’ At first, I was upset, but I had gotten to a place of trust that God had a plan, and it would be good.

Recently, information was released that the employer, which I thought was a great opportunity, is not upstanding and ethical as I thought. In my heart, I told the Lord – thank you –I was then reminded of what that pastor had said long ago.

You may be asking yourself: what is the purpose of typing this all out?

I want to communicate that I ask the Holy Spirit what to pray when I pray. So if you reach out to me for this type of support, praying for you, or for decisions you need to make, know that I ask Holy Spirit how to pray.

I know beyond a doubt that prayer can change the course of destruction.

In the leadership position, we each have,  there is accountability; let us take it more seriously.

I have made an oath to allow Jesus Christ as my Lord. Yes, I live in the United States, but I pledge allegiance to HIM first. No man-driven policies will fix bad legislation. No new prescription will heal the mind (heart) that is depressed. No new curriculum will prepare our youth for the future. 

I believe the success of 2023  begins with us each asking God; what is your will for my life? Being accountable to God and yielding to what he calls us will bring the victory of Jesus Christ, manifested on the earth as it is in heaven. 

Happy New Year! It will be an incredible year, for we will see the Glory of God displayed on earth.    

Now is the time

I sit here on yet another December 31st, asking the same question I have been asking for several years now; did I finish all the things I started to do in January?

I am not going to lie; in the past, I’ve felt like I had fallen short in doing those things that stirred in my heart to do at the beginning of every year.

However, today I have a new perspective.

Romans 8:28 brings comfort to us when we are going through difficult times, rightly so, but today a word was dropped in my heart as I pondered this past year.

“The delay hasn’t been about you failing. Remember Georgia, I (the Lord God) work all things together, for such a time as this.”

Before my 55th birthday two years ago, I asked Papa God what he was going to give me for my birthday. What was dropped in my heart had me stunned. I am still listening to heaven to learn its meaning.

But today I want to encourage each of you with the words dropped in my heart as we step into a “New” year.

Don’t doubt step out.
You don’t need an excuse to go.
You don’t need a crutch to climb the mountain.
You don’t need a life jacket to step out of the boat.

Romans 8:28 TPT
So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing God into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. 

Don’t pray religious prayers

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, and many of us gathered with family and friends to share a meal. And yes – historically, Thanksgiving is a time people gather to give thanks to GOD, but for me, that is every day, all day.

Note: visit Hillsdale College to learn the history of Thanksgiving

No, this post is not about the “day” of Thanksgiving but the heart of prayer.

I was recently at a public meeting where people with “titles” gathered and shared thoughts about November 8th and things going on in Indianapolis. When it was over, a person approached me and asked, “What is it that you do?” Thinking for a moment about how to justify my being there, I said: “I am an intercessor, and I connect people that have needs with people who can fill those needs.” A bit confused, the woman said, “Oh, you’re an organizer,” and then walked away.  

I know who I am, though when I look around the room and see all the “titles,” I may forget – I am a redeemed child of God and in constant dialog with Him. Knowing that I can rightly do so, not because of anything I have done – but everything to do with what Jesus has done. 

I was asked to pray yesterday when we gathered around the delicious food. Surprised, I spoke a brief prayer. I didn’t overthink it until later when condemning phrases began to swirl in my thoughts.

Phrases like:

You missed the opportunity to thank Jesus for your redemption.

You didn’t thank God for the people in the room and how important they are to you.

You didn’t even ask God to help unite the United States.

These harassing phrases accused me of failing or even missing the opportunity to represent the Kingdom of God.

Trying to brush thoughts off of me and not to allow them to rise above the knowledge of God – in other words- not let these condemning words take precedence over what God says about me. I realized that those words were coming from a religious spirit.

Some people might be asking;  But Georgia, isn’t that how we are to be, religious? Years ago, I would have said; yes. Today though, I say no, this isn’t how we should be.

As I understand the Old and New Testament, I realize that the ‘religious’ Teachers and Pharisees had issues with Jesus’ ministry. With the legalistic traditions, they failed to understand that Jesus fulfilled the scrolls they routinely read publicly and taught from. He was making it easy for people to connect with God personally.

An article on 4-10-2015 on the: Living For Jesus Alone Ministries website explains the differences between being a Christian and being a religious person. You should check it out.

Being religious is to rely on your ability to do things that would grant you “right” standing before your god. Whereas being Christian is acknowledging your inability to have “right” standing due to our sinfulness and accepting Jesus as the son of God, our Savior and Lord.

It doesn’t stop there. That is the beginning of the Christian walk. As you spend time in a relationship with God the Father, Jesus the redeemer, and Holy Spirit the helper, a person begins to be transformed. In other words, their heart begins to change, and instead of having the sinful nature listed in Eph. 5:19-21, they have the spirit of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Eph 5:22-23).

So, what does all of this have to do with prayer at the Thanksgiving table?

When people gather for the holidays with family and friends,  there are individuals from all walks of life. Prayers are not to convey arrogance or even judgment. That is not the heart of Christ. Also, it doesn’t need to be wordy.

Unfortunately, in the past, I had to pray about everything each time I had the opportunity to join others, bowing my head and folding my hands to pray. Over the years, I have learned to allow Holy Spirit to give me direction in my prayer time.

There are many areas in today’s world where we can make our requests known to God, and there is a time and a place for each.

I want to remind everyone that when we pray over food during the holidays, let us be grateful to the Lord God for the many provision he has placed in our lives; most people can agree on that. Also, let us ask God to bless the food to nourish our bodies; again, everyone can agree. But above all, let our prayers be sincere and come from our hearts, not just words we believe everyone expects us to utter.