Ripple Effect

Imagine with me walking down a hidden trail. Endless trees all around and the limbs branch out to the sky as if they are reaching to hold the sun. Some trees are covered with green leaves, some with pink petals, and some with purple blossoms. And as I look closer I notice soft little bunny tails popping out of the pussywillow branches. I am amazed as I start to notice all the different shades of
the colors are truly endless. I am at awed by God’s wonderful design. I find myself whispering; “Lord God you do creation so beautifully!”

Then I notice the sound of the gentle breeze moving throughout the forest. Tickling the honeysuckle, and lilac blossoms bring the sweet aroma to my nose. I take a breath in and let it out slowly. Ahh

In the far off distance I can hear a woodpecker picking away at a tree, the sound echo’s through the wooded area. As I continue down this trail I hear a bull frog on my left, then one on my right, and still another ahead of me. I have to wonder to myself, are they telling one another that I am there?

As I make my way down this trail I am lead to an open field covered with white and yellow daffodils. A part of me has a sense of sadness that no one else can see this beauty that my eyes behold. Though, I have think that maybe this secluded splendor was created for God to admire. How many times do we go past such beauty and never truly appreciate creation and/or the creator? I find myself again whispering; “Forgive us Lord.”

As I stroll even farther I notice a creek feeding into a pound up ahead. I start to feel excitement as I walk closer to the water. Like a little girl I start to skip as I imagine freeing my feet from the shoes that I have on and dipping my toes in the cool water.

I slowly slip my feet into the water and as I look down I see a flat, smooth rock. Picking it up I remember how I once skipped rocks across the water. I  then toss the stone giggling inside with delight.
One, two, three, four times it skips across the water. I watched the water ripple out at each point of contact in amazement that such a small rock could do that. Then I thought of all the people that I come in contact with each day. It may only be for a brief moment; then again I may be in their lives for several months, maybe even years.
And I have ask myself; am I a positive ripple in their lives? I got my answer.

A week ago I extended a simple act of kindness, not thinking it meant a whole lot. However the ripple effect returned to me today and I was truly blessed with the most beautiful Easter arrangement that I have ever received. That just goes to show you that you have no idea how your point of contact will impact the person that you extend kindness to. The ripple effect will bless you beyond words.

God is so good!


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