Answers in the Blood

Last Thursday I had yet another Doctors appointment (ENT), still trying to pin point the reason that I have been experiencing the symptoms that I have. As I walked into the examining room, I was comforted, and thought to myself – this guy is going to get to the bottom of things.

As I looked on the wall it wasn’t lined with pamphlets of different types of medications, with promised relief for different disorders, but informational pamphlets of the anatomy of the ear, sinus, and even the tongue. Over on the counter I saw “old school” tools of the trade, and few other things that I haven’t seen before. Either way I had a peace about it this; by just looking around the room I felt this Doctor is serious about his patients.

It seems that most of the other examining rooms that I have visited before looked the same. Wall lined with medication pamphlets, a very clean sink and counter, cabinets (filled with who knows what – maybe more pharmaceutical pamphlets) digital thermometer (mounted on the wall) blood pressure cuff (again mounted on the wall) and in some cases, a computer.

After he listened to me and my husband explain some of the things that I have experienced and what tests that have been done and the results of these test he looked at me and said; open your mouth and say “A” as he used a tongue suppressor.

I believe he was surprised to see that I still had my tonsils. Then he looked in my ears (of course) and felt around on my throat and listened to my heart and lungs – you know the usual.

“Well I want you to go down the hall so that we can test your hearing.” I thought for sure that the test would revel my hearing was bad in one or both ears. But to my surprise the doctor walked back into the examining room with the results of this test he said; “You have above normal hearing, not only in the higher pitches but the lower ones too and you scored perfectly on distinguishing vowel sounds.

So all those times I asked my husband to turn down the television it wasn’t that I wanted something to complain about – which is what he thought, it was because it was truly loud for me.

“You do not have fluid on your ears and that this is not an inner ear problem. I want to order some blood work, to see if you have some chemical imbalances.”

Both Bob and I were relieved, because I have been asking the doctors to do some blood work on me to see if it was something simple. It gets frustrating to go through different “expensive” tests and still have no answers.

Really can it be as simple as Blood work?

Then I stared to think about the Blood of Christ. How many times do we want to fix the symptoms of emptiness, numbness, passionless life with expensive things? Buying a new sports car, new clothes, new home, maybe even thinking a new family would fix things, but the whole time we are only consuming bigger and bigger bills, and bigger and bigger heart ache. A person who feels dissatisfaction can find purpose and fulfillment when he/she accepts the free gift of salvation that only comes from the Blood that was shed for us at Calvary.

Do you have symptoms listed above?
Are you trying to find answers with expensive things – tests?

Let me assure you, there are answers in the Blood.


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