Yesterday my co-workers and I got some news that, in some way, did not surprise me. Our wonderful boss is taking another position at one of the other satellite offices. I am excited for her, really I am. New things to learn, closer to home, it is an adventure. Life becomes stagnant when we don’t change things up. Whenever opportunity opens up we should always prayfully consider it, not letting fear or complacency keep us from moving forward.

But on the flip side of this – all of us in Patient Services know how very blessed we have been working under such an awesome leader. Of course, some tears were shed after hearing the news, me included. But I can’t help be excited for her.

Yes, in the back of my mind I have been comfortable knowing that I have a boss that is just as much for me as an employee (a person) as she is for the organization she works for, enforcing rules and policies without an iron hand. But life isn’t about our comfort all the time, there is a much bigger plan going on and if we would look at things in that way we could be happy for the opportunities that open up for other people.

I suggested that we in patient services pray that the person that is chosen to replace our boss would be just as wonderful. But to think things would be the same would be silly. In fact I told my co-worker that we can’t grow if things never change. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said; “I don’t want to grow.”

Fear washes over us when things change because we don’t know how it is going to affect us – our world, and maybe even our comfort. I am just being honest, I am the same way. My boss has been so wonderful and supportive when it comes to encouraging me in my enthusiasm and desire to pursue my dreams – she just understands my heart. The selfish side of me wants to say; “No- things can’t change!” But life it isn’t about me, making Georgia comfortable.

Everyone around us is growing and changing, things never stay the same. If you’re a parent you know this to be true, as our children grow older our parenting roles change.

Not a bad thing, it is just a fact of life, things change and those changes… grow us.

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