Cackle like a Chicken

A girl’s night was scheduled at my home church at 6:30 p.m. and as tired as I was I pushed myself to go, I arrived a little late but was there. Different activities were planned throughout the night and as I got comfortable I was really starting to enjoy the ladies. By the end of the evening I was “cackling” like a chicken, it has been a long time since I laughed so hard. I think that I surprised many of the women that night, even though they see me each week at church I don’t say too much, maybe a little giggle here and there but never a heart felt laugh. As we were parted for the night I thanked the ladies that organized the night, and I went on to say that I really didn’t have any “girl” friends and it was just nice to be just one of the girls.

The next morning when I was getting around for work I was reminiscing about the night before, I even started to laugh again about some of the things that were said. That is when God told me; “You have girl friends Georgia, you just choose not to do fun things with them. I want you to enjoy your life that I have given you; it isn’t always about things that need to get done. It is ok to relax and do something fun. I love to hear your laughter.”

How about you? How long has it been since you had a heart felt laugh? Or how long has it been since you allow yourself to have fun, doing maybe some things you haven’t done in a real long time, like go down a water slide?

Being a mother I love to see my children play and have fun, laughing so hard that it gets the whole room laughing. I believe God is the same; He loves to hear our laughter! So go ahead “Cackle like a Chicken.”


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