Dusting off the Diamonds

This morning I am amazed how I can become so passive at times, here lately it has been for several weeks, maybe even months. I know that GOD has designed for a specific purpose. His word tells me this in;
Ephesians 2:10
For we God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

But I have become distracted and discouraged over these several weeks. Mainly because I have been listening to the enemy whisper so softly that I didn’t even realize I was grabbing lies that he so cunningly deposited in my subconscious. I started to believe that I was just plain old Georgia. Who do I think I am? What can God do through me? How can I hope for such big things? I am not even trained in things I want to pursue.
I had to clear away the fog (if you will) and go before the throne of God and just pray and remember how much HE has carried me over this past year. How splendid HE is! Acknowledge HIS awesome mercy and HIS unconditional love for me. HE is GOD, creator of all!
I’ve coined an expression that I say to my family and the ladies in my bible study… “Look for the diamonds in your day” to encourage them to look for the positives and hold tight to them. In conversations at work, school or even at home. To value the people they meet on the course of the day, that there is always something positive to glean in our everyday lives. God is handing us diamonds all day long.
I have forgotten to look for my diamonds! I have been waiting for GOD to hand me the Millennium Star (one of world’s largest diamond measuring 203.04 carats) constantly looking for that “big thing” HE has designed me for! But what I have discovered, as I read the words that I have penned in my journal this past year, God has given me a wheel barrel full of diamonds! HE has answered prayers! HE has encouraged me! He has blessed me with victories, and He has given me little projects that I have stepped out in done but not seeing them as “Divine Purposes”. What I also realized today by reading my own words, I have been placing those diamonds gently in my jewelry box. I didn’t take the time to brush them off. I didn’t look closely at them with jewelry’s loupe (a magnifier used to inspect diamonds) or ask God to give me wisdom to define each diamond.
My prayer would be that as we step out of 2010 and into the New Year 2011 we would take the time to really study the (many) diamonds that God has blessed each one of us with. I ask that you don’t just place them in your jewelry box and forget about them but to look closely at each one, as I plan to do. Take each precious diamond; determine if they are a princess cut or marquise, ask God to give you HIS loupe (the Holy Spirit) to see things as they are. And hold tight to the wealth of wisdom, a treasure chest of diamonds that we all have received this past year.
So with all this said; I am calling out the enemies bluff! I am standing on the fact that GOD has plans for me!! I am grabbing hold of those divine purposes that GOD has created me for.
Do I know what that looks like? No, but I do know that GOD will reveal each step as HE hands me one diamond at a time.

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