Givers or Takers

With this being the Christmas season people all around are looking for that perfect gift. We rush to the malls and walk for hours looking, only to end up frustrated and overwhelmed.  With people cutting us off in the parking lot, pushing us along in the stores, or grabbing the last item that we are reaching for we can develop a bad attitude.  That is when we need to ask ourselves this question; Am I a giver, or, am I a taker?

Am I giving out smiles, or am I taking smiles? We may not realize it but our faces have expressions on them at all times. Either we are giving a friendly smile to those around us, or we are scowling, which in turns takes away the smiles of others.

What about patients? Am I extending patients to the cashier, waiting without becoming upset, as he/she struggles to check my items at the register? Or, am I complaining and sighing loudly because I am annoyed?

Then there is Joy. Am I giving the spirit of joy to others by being friendly as I wait in the long lines? Or am I taking joy from others by having a glaring face and say uninviting words like; ‘If this line doesn’t hurry up I am going to walk away from this cart right here and go elsewhere.’ And truthfully the people around you are probably wishing that you would leave if you have that kind of attitude.

This list can go on and on; Love – am I giving love or taking love? Peace – am I giving the sense of peace or am I taking the peace others have? Kindness – am I being kind to others or am I being rude? Gentleness – am I gentle with my words or harsh?

Bottom line, before we leave our homes to go out to shop during this Christmas season, let us all make a conscience decision to be givers and not takers.



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