People we encounter

Has it ever crossed your mind to ask ‘why’ we encounter the people we do? I know that sounds somewhat odd however let me explain my reason for this question.

I was asked by a local Chiropractor to assist him at a Women’s EXPO in our area last Saturday. Excited about being able to meet new people I jumped on the opportunity without any hesitation. Since moving to this ‘rural’ area I don’t get the chance too often.

I was also excited because I am looking for different ways to best use my gifts to minister to other women. This being a ‘women’s expo’ I thought this would be a perfect. So on my drive to the event I prayed that the Lord would guide my steps.

Once I arrived I noticed a young boy struggling in the parking lot with several bags and asked; “Would you like some help?” He looked over at me with a smile and said; “Oh yes please.” I have to laugh, because the boy pointed to the three heaviest bags (full of candy) for me to carry. No big deal, I am a strong woman. However, after walking to the opposite end of the Expo to deliver the bags I am embarrassed to say, I was a bit winded.

As I handed over the candy to the lady at the booth I was amazed her name was the same as mine- Georgia. I hardly meet women with the same name as mine, so I instantly wondered why I had crossed paths with her. She was equally amazed. As we laughed I gave her a hug, and wished her success.

Realizing that the Expo was already getting busy I made my way back to Doc to help at his booth. Though, I was delayed a little longer because across from where we were set up there was a gentleman looking at me as if he knew me. Not wanting to be rude, I walked over to introduce myself. As I drew closer to him my memory was jogged and remembered the man’s face. Mr. Miller! He is a very kind man who had helped my son through a few things during middle school. I had forgotten about the wonderful guidance that we had received from his office. We only had to visit a few times however it was so very helpful, and my son was fond of him.

The traffic at Doc’s booth was very busy and I just loved talking with the different people. But whenever I had a moment I found myself talking with Mr. Miller. He was shared with me some of the books that he had written and conferences that he has done. We also talked about where I was going to church, and the church that he goes to. In our conversation we realized that we both have signed up to go to the same big conference in June.

There were many more encounters, throughout my day.  Some were friends I knew from when we lived here before, and some were people that I have never met. Yet, each conversation flowed without much awkwardness. Well… most of them anyhow

At the end of the day and as I laid my head on my pillow I rethought my day. What I found was that each of my encounters/conversations that I had (either face to face, or through social media) were random, but very unique. Amazed at it all I just had to ask God; “Was each of these encounters directed by you Lord?” I didn’t have to think too long because I was reminded that I had asked God to lead me.

So with that belief (that it was meant to be) something was highlighted about each person that came to mind and I did what I always do. I prayed.

So again I ask; why do we encounter the people we do? Is it to pray for them? Maybe…

Proverbs 3:6
In all your ways acknowledge (revere, adore, enjoy) Him, and He shall direct your paths.





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