Scibbled Notes

The other day I received a note in the mail. It was an unexpected nice surprise, because I really don’t know this woman on a personal level. She had written how things were for her and wished me and my family well. What a lovely thing to receive a note like that.

Then I started to ponder the different notes that I have written the past few weeks. I have left notes on the counter to let my family know that I love them and to have a good day, or, to instruct them on some things I would like them to do. Sometimes at work I will write information down that a nurse is giving me about a patient that is coming into the office. It seemed that each kind of note that I’ve written have been in a hurry, on the go, rushed. They have been “scribbled” notes.

Then I started to think about my prayers. They have been rushed, scribbled notes too. To think that I’ve been scribbling notes to God makes me feel sad. I have learned this past week in my Bible study that our prayers are to have real substance, original thoughts flowing from an individual’s heart, personal and intimate. I believe God is ok with our little prayers that we say on the go, “Lord help me have compassion… Lord help me see this person as You do.” Things like that, but he would like us to write Him a love letter once in a while. Taking the time to really share with Him what is on our hearts and mind’s.
I asked God to forgive me for always being rushed and for the “scribbled” notes that I have sent him over the past few weeks, maybe even months. When I pray to God I am going to be reminded that He really wants to hear from my heart. He wants me to take the time and write Him a letter.

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