Oh my goodness after a friend posted something about writing what God has placed in our hearts I felt a nudge to do as I said I would do. I wrote this about 2 weeks ago and when God gave me this I told Him I would write and post it. However I only wrote it. So here it is:

First let me quote a paragraph or two of the book I am reading: Consumed by Love; Duncan Smith

When Jesus came up out of the water, symbolizing His and our resurrection, the Heavens were torn open. The voice spoke from Heaven and the Spirit descended upon Him. The Heavens were never shut again above Jesus’ head. He lived under an open Heaven from that moment when He rose from the dead and we were made alive in Him. The Heavens are still open over Jesus’ head-above you! You are one with Christ, so you live under an open Heaven. Christ is in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27) here on earth, and you are in Christ in the Heavens (Ephesians 2:6). So if you are in Christ in the Heavens and Christ is in you on earth, how can there be anything but an open Heaven above your head?

When you moved into your town, you brought an open Heaven. When you visit anywhere on earth, you bring an open Heaven to that place. (YES & AMEN) This is awesome! The only thing is, the pipe above your head is not as wide as it would be if there were two of you Christians. Gather three, and it’s even wider. Imagine how fat the pipe must be over your church with 200 or 2000 members. What would the world look like if every Christian knew the Heavens were open above their heads, not because they’ve spent hours in prayer rendering Heaven, but because they’re one with Christ?
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Once I read this I felt overjoyed- because this is how I believed for a long time. This is seriously what I see when I go run. When I am praying for my community and the different counties in my area; I see Heaven invade earth! It is truly amazing and empowering to imagine (seeing in my mind’s eye) what Heaven is doing!

This morning’s run I was mulling this over in my mind as I was praying I saw a picture of a map of United States dotted with spots. At first it looked like the spots were red, then they turned white and finally they turned blue. As these spots dotted across the US they were also spreading together and becoming one solid color (you know how a ink spot gets on a piece of fabric- it spreads out as if the fibers are pulling it through- this is how I saw these spots).

This is what I believe this vision meant. Those dots are us, dotted across this country of ours! Each of us covered by the blood of Christ (red) and we know our ones with Him. We are praying/ interceding for our communities, our country. White represents righteousness. What makes us righteous? Our faith does! We know and believe that God does hear our prayers. Finally the dots turn blue, blue represents the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is working through us (praise God) right here in the United States! God is calling us together! Sometimes we feel that we are alone in this endeavor of intercession but we aren’t! God has us dotted all across the U.S.

Brother and sisters let us not give into the ‘bad report’ that seems to be all over the news and remember that “the Lord is with us.” Read Numbers 13 & 14

I really believe God is calling His intercessors to stand boldly together and pray for our nation (and the nation of Israel). Just imagine what an opening of Heaven above us- remember what Duncan Smith wrote; “above your head is not as wide as it would be if there were two of you Christians. Gather three, and it’s even wider. Imagine how fat the pipe must be over your church with 200 or 2000 members.”

I may feel somewhat fatigued, however these visions empower by me! WE are those dots. Heaven is open above us and when we pray I believe we are calling down heaven to act on the behalf of our prayers – for God’s will and glory, amen.

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