Drop of Water

This is a picture I saw one morning a month or so ago when I went on my run. It was a morning after a heavy rain and the water had washed a path down the dirt road in which I live. I didn’t think much about the path until I was about 2 miles into my run. The heaviness I feeling made me feel that I was alone. My struggle to find my way in this transition I felt I was in made me feel as if I was lost in a dry land.

Then I saw this picture: it was one drop of water (representing me) slowly moving along in the sand. All of the sudden a another drop of water (representing ministries that I’ve been following) fell upon me, making the drop, or me, bigger and give me momentum (encouragement) to move a bit faster. However I was still in a very dry land and this picture went on for a while. Suddenly I could hear a rushing water (almost as if I was standing next to Niagara Falls) then my vision panned out and I could see a bigger area and what I saw was many droppings of water making their way across the dry land. The drops seemingly insignificant of their own, but when pulled together became a rushing river. We are pioneers making a path (like the path I saw on the side of our dirt road) for others in our family and in our communities, making the way a little easier. The remnants of our testimonies give others to faith and to be strong to keep moving forward. Praise God

I hope you are encouraged in this vision that I saw (and heard) it invigorated my spirit.

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