I went to visit my daughter and son in law a week ago. I had my car packed, GPS all programed and ready to hit the road. I was to make this journey by myself. I am not opposed to driving alone, though I dreaded that it would soon be dark. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t see well at night. It was raining and foggy out which only decreased my ability to see. I couldn’t read the road signs until I was right up on them and then had to strategically get into the right lane to avoid missing my exit and hearing my GPS say; “recalculating.”

I also hate to admit that I am still learning how to ‘use’ my GPS. So here I was heading out on my 5 hour drive with my GPS fastened to the bracket attached to the windshield. I found a decent radio station to listen to and was settled in the driver seat comfortably. I didn’t even get 10 miles down the road my GPS & bracket came off my windshield onto the floor of the car. Driving 75 mph down the road I was crouched down feeling around on the floor for my GPS. Once I got my hands on it I then tried reattach it to the windshield, but decided that it wasn’t that important. I figured I could just lay it next to me and pick it up when I need to see it. Besides the other drivers that drove pasted me seemed a little agitated at what might have seemed like reckless driving on my part.

After being on the road about an hour I decided to pick up my trusty ole GPS to find out how far I had traveled. To add to my frustration, the map shown on the screen looked as if I was still in my driveway. “What? There is something wrong here” I said out loud. “This stupid thing is not working!” Yet every now in then she (the GPS) was talking to me, I just had no clue where I was at. I then was wishing that I had my trusty ole ‘atlas’ with me, even though it can be overwhelming to look at a map and find out where I was at, but least I would know.

Ahh, what can I do I thought, I will just keep traveling down the road until I get the next set of instructions verbalized from my GPS. I had to pay close attention after I turned onto the instructed exit; “go 45 miles to Exit 280A.” I would then look down at my odometer add 45 miles to the miles shown so I would know when I would be getting close to the next exit. Now remember it is foggy out, so I couldn’t see.

After a few hours driving down the road I was starting to get stressed out. In the back of my head I kept wishing I knew exactly where I was. I started to feel a headache coming on and realized I was holding my breath. This is ridiculous Georgia, I thought to myself. You know you’re going the right way; you just have to trust the GPS to get you there. Sure enough, after 45 miles down the road the exit sign that I need appeared just as my GPS instructed.

I had to make myself relax and not be so upset that I didn’t know really where I was. I had to calm down and know I was going the right way. That is when I sensed the Lord say to me; this is how I want you to trust me. You may not know exactly when the next ‘turn’ is on your journey but trust me that I will let you know when to turn. Have confidence that you are going the right way. If I was to show you the whole picture (the map) of the things I have for you it would be too overwhelming. Just settle in and relax, I got this.
So needless to say, when I start to feel tense and notice that I am not breathing again, I just recall that night driving in the fog. Remembering that indescribable peace that wash over me, knowing that everything was going to be okay.

Have a diamond filled day my friends,


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