What Kind of Mark Am I Leaving

I was at grave site this past weekend and I looked at all the headstones lined up in a row. Some were stunning, a work of art, and yet some were just a simple marker. Does anyone think of these people? I mean- once the third and fourth generation is removed, is there anyone remembering these people?

We lose people in our lives all the time; it may not always be because of death. It could be that the person moves far away, and you lose contact with them, or circumstances won’t allow that person to be in your life any longer. Either way it is a loss, and it hurts.

Then I started to think about the people that have been in and out of my life. How they have impacted my life either for the better or the worse. We all leave a mark in each others life. It may only be brief moments that we have that person in our lives. Were I work I get to know people as they come in month after month as they recover from surgeries or some sort of an accident, then they heal and I see them no more. I have no clue how many lives I have come in contact with but the question is have I impacted them in a positive way? Have I left them in a better place then they were, or have I been a stumbling block – keeping them from their dreams?

I would hope that I have been a positive, a light in their lives. I never want to hurt anyone but I know that I have – it isn’t my goal, or my objective, it isn’t intentional, but I know because of my own selfishness I may have hurt them.

My prayer would be that I could be a positive in each life I touch, and that they would see that my hope comes from the Lord. I am not perfect by any means, but bottom line, I would hope people can see Christ Love through my words and actions.

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