Taste and See

          Hello everyone! I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving celebrations. I did, that for sure. My husband and I were honored to eat two different feasts, each with lots of family and friends around the table. We are truly blessed!

          I am not sure about you, but I kept myself from eating a big breakfast and skip having lunch. I did this just so that I would have room to eat all the delicious foods.

          It is easy for me to recall those two days. My mouth waters as I remember the aroma of fall spices float throughout the house, as the pies were being pulled out of the oven and set aside to cool.  And my tummy rumbles as I imagine the white gooeyness bubble as the homemade mac and cheese is perfected in the oven. Read more… “Taste and See”

Hello morning!

As I saw my breath while exhaling the cool air, my eyes greeted the morning sun.  It has been months since I have been able to step out the door on a Saturday morning to go for a wog [walk & jog = wog]. I decided before heading out that I was not going to put high expectations on myself, my only goal was to do 4 miles.

With my gloves on I fumbled with my phone as I walked down my driveway trying to turn on the apps that I use on such mornings. Right away I have this urge to turn myself around and go back inside my warm house. Though, I pushed myself past our mailbox; convincing myself that I was, in fact, going to do 4 miles today.

I started complaining in my thoughts; I am tired of being cold! I wish the sun would just shine every day like when I lived in Tennessee.

Realizing this isn’t the best way to start out my wog, I told myself; ‘you better focus on other things or you’re going to give up.’

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Poem: Hidden

I am reminded of this poem I had written back in 2014 – It was during a time I wanted to know more of the things of Heaven. I felt uncomfortable with the unknown. I felt hidden and like I might be missing out on ‘life.’ Maybe even forgotten.

But! When I became comfortable with the silence, I began to hear. I felt like I was hidden from the world, but was not hidden from Papa God: He had me tucked under HIS loving arms.

I had Protection – Trust – Assurance – Peace and even Joy to be myself in HIS presence. I could see myself as a little girl, not powerless in my circumstances but protected by my Papa.

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Emotional and passionate worship.

Emotional and passionate worship. I looked up these two words, and they can mean the same thing. However, one morning this week I found myself standing before a picture of Jesus, which hangs at the end of my hallway, feeling both emotional then passionate.

Let me explain: Without thinking about the words I was praying I said; Thank you, Jesus, for going to the cross for me, taking my sin so that I could have everlasting life with you. Thank you for believing in my purpose that much, that you would die for it.

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Finding Beauty

Last month I went on a road trip with my younger brother, Dale. It was the first time that we had done anything together and truthfully, he really wasn’t looking forward to the three thousand plus mile round trip we were about to embark, but he was there for me.

We each decided that we weren’t going to push it, stopping and stretching our legs when we felt the need to and making it fun. Truthfully it was nice not be pushed by unrealistic goals [miles driven] before we stopped. We had a designated place to be on a certain day but we started out on our adventure with wiggle room [so to speak] to really see the country we had to route through.

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