I hate to admit it but my attitude can, at times, be based on the weather (cold and gloomy), the amount of traffic on my way into work, the way people treat me (superior over me), or many other things. When I base my attitude to random circumstances I become, to be honest, very unstable and moody. Then it becomes hard for me to show love and kindness to people around me, and become very “snappy” towards people. On the other hand when I choose my attitude despite what is going on around me, I tend to have a good day. But I know it is hard at times to CHOOSE the right attitude.
One morning as I got around I realized I pushed the clock to the very last second again. I left the house behind schedule thinking in my head that I can make up time as I drove to work. I asked God for all green lights and no traffic, even that time could stand still so I could clock in on time. Me! Me! Me!
Not following the law I tell myself, “its ok if I go 9 over the speed limit,” or, “I didn’t notice the light being red” (and really I did) as I drove through it. I was making my guarding angles work harder to protect me. I got aggravated with fellow drivers as they follow the law and stop at the light when it just turned yellow. Grumbling and complaining in my spirit before I even got to work.
Then, on my last stretch to work an old beat up truck was driving very slowly, I came very upset. This driver did not have his flashers on to indicate that he was having any kind of mechanical trouble; if he did I would have gotten around him before I was block in by other cars. So I drove behind this man, throwing my hands up the air and shaking my head, it was very obvious that I was “ticked”. This went on for about 50 yards and then he turned and as I drove on past him I laid on my horn as I approached the last traffic light.
Then I heard God ask this question… “What if that was my son Jesus driving that truck, would you have been so rude?” I instantly felt lousy, and ashamed. I started thinking what this man must have felt; he himself might have been trying to get work on time too. He probably felt embarrassed knowing that he was making the traffic back up behind him.
I asked God to forgive me for being rude and uncompassionate, then I said a quick prayer for this man, that his day would go better and that God would bless him.
With that little lesson tucked in back of my mind, I left for work yet another morning a little behind, not as bad as the day before but I wasn’t going to let the traffic upset me. Then all the sudden this red car pulled out in front of me, I instantly felt my blood pressure rise. How dare this person pull out in front of me, her car even seem to be running poorly. I had to stop that train of thought instantly! So I chose to think differently about the fact that she was driving in front of me, I started to look closely to her car and noticed that the rear right tire seemed to be low and very wobbly. So instead of grumbling about the situation, I started to pray for this person. The Lord God knew what was going on in her life; I just prayed that HE was watching over her and that she would have a peaceful day. Just doing that simple thing help me have a different outlook on my day. So instead of using my words for complaining, I want to choose to use my words for praying and by doing just doing that little thing I have a better attitude.


He watches over me

One morning I was on the back deck with my coffee mug in hand, doing some reflecting. It was one of those rare calm and peaceful moments, like the whole world was sleeping. As I was enjoying the silence I decided to let our two dogs outside to just stretch their legs. The sun was just peeking out from behind the clouds and the air had that autumn hint to it, it was relaxing to take a couple deep breaths of the crisp air. I went back inside but left the patio door open so that I could keep and eye on the two mischievous canines.

The dogs continued their investigating with their noses to the ground not aware that I was standing in the door watching to see if they would go outside the perimeter of our yard. All of the sudden a loud noise cut into the silence that startled the dogs. Automatically one dog looked up toward the house to see me standing there watching. It was like an instant of security for her, everything is ok, and she went on with her investigation. But my other dog ran away from the direction of the sound.

I then thought; I am like those two dogs. I get busy going about life, nose to the ground, moving on my path, all of the sudden I hear something that makes feel frightened. I sometimes run away into the opposite direction to get away from that thing that is making me feel anxious. Then, there are other times when I look up, and see that my Father in Heaven watching me. He has his eye on me. I then can rest assure that I am ok and can keep moving ahead on my path. I pray that I remember to keep close to Him in the “perimeter of His Protection” and feel secure that HE is watching over me.

How about you? Can you think of times that fear makes you just want to run in the opposite direction? Don’t run, just look up.
Psalm 121:1-3
I lift up my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber.


Cackle like a Chicken

A girl’s night was scheduled at my home church at 6:30 p.m. and as tired as I was I pushed myself to go, I arrived a little late but was there. Different activities were planned throughout the night and as I got comfortable I was really starting to enjoy the ladies. By the end of the evening I was “cackling” like a chicken, it has been a long time since I laughed so hard. I think that I surprised many of the women that night, even though they see me each week at church I don’t say too much, maybe a little giggle here and there but never a heart felt laugh. As we were parted for the night I thanked the ladies that organized the night, and I went on to say that I really didn’t have any “girl” friends and it was just nice to be just one of the girls.

The next morning when I was getting around for work I was reminiscing about the night before, I even started to laugh again about some of the things that were said. That is when God told me; “You have girl friends Georgia, you just choose not to do fun things with them. I want you to enjoy your life that I have given you; it isn’t always about things that need to get done. It is ok to relax and do something fun. I love to hear your laughter.”

How about you? How long has it been since you had a heart felt laugh? Or how long has it been since you allow yourself to have fun, doing maybe some things you haven’t done in a real long time, like go down a water slide?

Being a mother I love to see my children play and have fun, laughing so hard that it gets the whole room laughing. I believe God is the same; He loves to hear our laughter! So go ahead “Cackle like a Chicken.”


Scibbled Notes

The other day I received a note in the mail. It was an unexpected nice surprise, because I really don’t know this woman on a personal level. She had written how things were for her and wished me and my family well. What a lovely thing to receive a note like that.

Then I started to ponder the different notes that I have written the past few weeks. I have left notes on the counter to let my family know that I love them and to have a good day, or, to instruct them on some things I would like them to do. Sometimes at work I will write information down that a nurse is giving me about a patient that is coming into the office. It seemed that each kind of note that I’ve written have been in a hurry, on the go, rushed. They have been “scribbled” notes.

Then I started to think about my prayers. They have been rushed, scribbled notes too. To think that I’ve been scribbling notes to God makes me feel sad. I have learned this past week in my Bible study that our prayers are to have real substance, original thoughts flowing from an individual’s heart, personal and intimate. I believe God is ok with our little prayers that we say on the go, “Lord help me have compassion… Lord help me see this person as You do.” Things like that, but he would like us to write Him a love letter once in a while. Taking the time to really share with Him what is on our hearts and mind’s.
I asked God to forgive me for always being rushed and for the “scribbled” notes that I have sent him over the past few weeks, maybe even months. When I pray to God I am going to be reminded that He really wants to hear from my heart. He wants me to take the time and write Him a letter.


Three Unselfish Minutes

I’ve said it before (many times) that God places people in our paths for a reason. I have to look at people that way, especially with the position that I have as front desk receptionist.  The majority of those individuals who cross my path daily are in pain. And if I don’t remind myself that these people have been directed my Papa God to cross my path, I can get in a “rut.” Just going through life as a routine, going through the motions without thought. And when I do get the attitude of; “this is just the same day over and over again.” I am not very friendly, and sometimes I don’t even really look at the person that I am talking to.

But last Friday I was reminded that I need to make each person that I come in contact with feel valued, even if it is for just a few moments.

As I was rushing around to get things done that I usually have 8 hours to complete a very tired looking man walking with a limp and a cane in his hand made his way to me. He gave me his usual smile and stated the doctor he was scheduled to see. In the past, I would usually make small talk with him but that day I was in a hurry, the office was to close early because of Good Friday and I still had lots to do.

As I rushed through the usual questions I didn’t glance up him, only looking straight ahead at my computer screen. I printed off his “Care Slip” and finally looked up as I asked him to sign his name. I then noticed that the smile that was on his face was no longer there. I thought to myself, did I make this man feel “not valued” or even as a “inconvenience”? In that moment I heard God say… “Slow down!”

I took back the care slip once he signed it and look directly in his eyes and asked him how he and his father was doing. In the past he had shared how he cared for his ailing father and the health struggles of his own. He told about me how he had met a very nice Coke Cola delivery man at the store last week and how he helped him get into his car after he had locked his keys inside. That his father health was the same and how much pain he himself has felt the past few days.

As I listened to him share a little of his life the smile returned to his face. I asked him if he had plans for Easter Sunday and he went on to tell me the celebration that he had planned with his family. Once we were done (maybe three minutes later) I told him that I would put him and his father on my prayer list. The man went on to say with tear in his eye, “isn’t that amazing how GOD places people in your path just at the right time when you need it, thank you for your prayers.”

To tell the truth I felt ashamed of myself, because before I asked him how he was doing I asked myself a selfish question; ‘do I really want to go there with him?’ was rolling around in my thoughts. I was in a hurry and really didn’t want to make the time. But it only took maybe 3 minutes longer to “check him in”. He left my desk with a smile and a warm feeling in his heart that God had placed me in his path at just the right moment to encouragement him. And in a small why he felt comfort to know that someone was actually going to pray for him.

What if I didn’t take those three extra minutes? What if I just kept looking at my computer and not asked him how he was doing? God knew what this man needed, I didn’t. And just think I almost was to self centered to let God use me for a brief moment in this mans life. What would this world look like if we all took 2-3 minutes to extend a kind smile, a word of encouragement or even just our ears ( for listening)? What if that person at the store, doctor’s office, work, gym, bus stop, school … has no one to value them? What if you are the only one in their lives gives them the time to share what is on their mind, or what is heavy on their heart?